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    Fixes #10247: Allow changing selected device/VM when creating a new component (#10312) · c4b7ab06
    Jeremy Stretch authored
    * Initial work on #10247
    * Continued work on #10247
    * Clean up component creation tests
    * Move valdiation of replicated field to form
    * Clean up ordering of fields in component creation forms
    * Omit fieldset header if none
    * Clean up ordering of fields in component template creation forms
    * View tests should not move component templates to new device type
    * Define replication_fields on VMInterfaceCreateForm
    * Clean up expandable field help texts
    * Update comments
    * Update component bulk update forms & views to support new replication fields
    * Fix ModularDeviceComponentForm parent class
    * Fix bulk creation of VM interfaces (thanks @kkthxbye-code!)