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Merge pull request #2399 from ControlSystemStudio/tank-scale-prop

Tank Widget: Mapping for legacy BOY property show_scale
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......@@ -96,6 +96,10 @@ public class TankWidget extends PVWidget
if (element != null)
tank.font.readFromXML(model_reader, element);
element = XMLUtil.getChildElement(xml, "show_scale");
if (element != null)
tank.scale_visible.readFromXML(model_reader, element);
if (XMLUtil.getChildBoolean(xml, "show_markers").orElse(true) &&
(XMLUtil.getChildBoolean(xml, "show_hi").orElse(true) ||
XMLUtil.getChildBoolean(xml, "show_hihi").orElse(true) ||
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