Commit 276c42bc authored by Nicklas Holmberg's avatar Nicklas Holmberg
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Update st.iocsh

parent fd40b3f6
......@@ -33,6 +33,9 @@ iocshLoad("./iocsh/evr-pcie-300dc-init.iocsh", "S=$(IOC), DEV=$(DEV), PCIID=$(PC
# The amount of time which the EVR will wait for the 1PPS event before going into error state.
#var(evrMrmTimeNSOverflowThreshold, 1000000)
# Load timestamp buffer database
iocshLoad("$(evr_timestamp_buffer_DIR)/evr_timestamp_buffer.iocsh", "CHIC_SYS=$(CHIC_SYS), CHIC_DEV=$(CHIC_DEV), CHOP_DRV=$(CHOP_DRV), SYS=$(IOC), BUFFSIZE=$(BUFFSIZE)")
time2ntp("$(EVR)", 2)
# Add records to timestamp more events
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