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Adding Timing PVs from the timing master EVR

Due to hardware issues on the Timing EVG, an EVR was deployed to provide some of the PVs that should be generated by the EVG.

Issues with PVs in the Timing_SCE.archive file are:

  • PVs related to asynchronous events (e.g., Post Mortem) don't update
  • PVs related to synchronous events have a timestamp that does not correspond to the time when the event is triggered.

As a workaround, we can store the PVs from the EVR and use those until the hardware issues are fixed. A note is added to the file header as a reminder.

The list of PVs in this file is reduced as compared to the Timing_SCE.archive file because the EVR does not generate all of them.

For additional info regarding the timing system, please contact Jerzy Jamroz

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