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Draft: Introduce component testing ICSHWI-9018

John Sparger requested to merge introduce-component-testing-ICSHWI-9018 into develop

This merge request adds some initial component testing with Cypress. It makes the following changes

  • Installs cypress component testing dependencies
  • Updates the cypress configuration (cypress.json and cypress/plugins/index.js) to run component test
  • Updates jest configuration to ignore cypress component tests
  • Introduces a patch to change the configuration of the "react-error-overlay" in create-react-app to only appear for errors
  • Mocks some parts of the API required for component tests
  • Adds some first tests for APIProvider, UserProvider, TokenRenew, and NotificationProvider (these are not exhaustive)
  • Updates gitlab-ci configuration to run cypress component tests in CI

To run the component tests, use npx cypress open-ct

These changes were based on the polling chang

Edited by John Sparger

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