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Draft: Incorporate prototype ce-common-ui module ICSHWI-9960

This merge requests (quickly) demos how to incorporate and use the ce-ui-common component library module. I'm not sure if it is necessary to merge it as is, but at least you guys (@zoltanrunyo @imretoth) can take a look at how it works in case you want to proceed this way.

Specifically, I have demoed:

  • GlobalAppBar
  • Table
  • theme

Not all of the required functionality is available in the ce-ui-common components yet. However, I still deleted all the app source files that were replaced by imports from ce-ui-common. So many files disappeared that I think we can already see some benefit. Outsourcing our components will probably let our application code be more "content focused".


Although I deleted the local theme and just used the ce-ui-common theme directly, we will probably want to make some small local theme and merge the changes into the ce-ui-common theme. That way all our apps can import the same standard theme and make tweaks/additions as required.

useAsync is available from ce-ui-common as well, but I have not tried using it in this app yet.

Edited by John Sparger

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