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ICSHWI-11854: width open closed warning

Christina Jenks requested to merge ICSHWI-11854_width-open-closed-warning into main

Addresses the warning about widthOpen and widthClosed being unrecognized DOM attributes:

Warning: React does not recognize the `widthOpen` prop on a DOM element.

This is due to the widthOpen and widthClosed props being used in the defaultStyle applied to the MenuDrawer, but missing from the props for that component.

I also found during investigation a similar warning for totalCount in the Table component. This was more tricky, as it was caused by destructuring the pagination prop. However, on investigation of the underlying DataTable api ( I found there was a similar prop totalRecords that it should have been mapping to but wasn't. The consequence of this would be setting totalCount but having the value not reflected in the pagination element (would always be the default of 1000 records). I included a fix for that as well here, being careful not to destructure totalRecords into totalRecords: undefined.

Edited by Simon Rose

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