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CE-1954: fix abort not working, or running with cleanup on call

Christina Jenks requested to merge CE-1954-abort-not-working into main
  • Bug with abort not working caused by two things: (1) AbortController being instantiated in the wrong place, (2) AbortController is not reusable once abort() has been called; it needs to be reinstantiated once used
  • Bug with cleanup not running if call=true (default behavior) caused by no cleanup being run...refactored to allow running cleanup! 😄
  • Cleaned up tests a little bit...there's much more work to do to catch leaks that cause intermittent failures (wrapping in act) but this requires a lot more work so it's not being addressed here more than absolutely necessary
  • Added JSdocs to useAsync and useAPIMethod hooks
  • Added storybook story for useAPIMethod hook each for the call=true and call=false use cases
  • Added debug logging so useAsync to make tracking behavior manually a bit easier
  • Unrelated: silenced warning in AutoComplete about using foreign proptypes (this is fine, we are forwarding the MUI proptypes)

Closes CE-1954

Edited by Christina Jenks

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