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Resolve CE-2186 "Add close icons to modals"

Christina Jenks requested to merge CE-2186-add-close-icons-to-modals into main

Deployed to

  • Adds close icon to all modals
  • Adds cypress tests
  • Improvements:
    • title accepts text or a custom component; see stories
    • content accepts text or a custom component; see stories
    • renderActions provides access to internal onClose if you e.g. want to customize the footer with buttons (and ConfirmationDialog isn't sufficient)
    • adds DialogProps for quicker MUI customizability (e.g. size of the dialog)
  • Minor Limitations:
    • component prop on DialogTitle (MUI) doesn't work; supply a custom title component (instead of text) if you need to use h1, h2, h3 etc. See but appears to be broken again in our MUI version
  • Breaking Changes:
    • DialogTitle is no-longer exported
    • Dialog:
      • children broken into title, content, and renderActions
    • ConfirmationDialog:
      • same breaking changes as Dialog

Closes CE-2186, CE-2225

Edited by Christina Jenks

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