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CE-2186 - resolve misses

Christina Jenks requested to merge CE-2186-add-close-icons-to-modals into main

Fixes some misses:

  • fixes use of new API in ExpandableViewer
    • adds new renderTitle prop to e.g. customize for Console in ce-deploy-ui
  • converts LoginDialog to use the new Dialog api

See for visual review Note the ExpandableViewer component was simplified a bit. Pre-existing spacing + gutters, and the default h2 typography title were removed after consulting with @anderslindh1 (the title changes especially were to align with Dialog; if we want to change that then it can be done just like Dialog in-place where needed), and I've added the DialogProps as props so that it'll be a little simpler to pass props to the dialog directly.

Closes CE-2186

Edited by Christina Jenks

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