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E3-614: Moved db_internal to build, added db_post

Simon Rose requested to merge e3_614_add_db_post into master

In order to run the custom db expansion needed by mrfioc2, we need to allow some mechanism to do custom post-processing of .db files.

This MR does three related things:

  1. It adds a target dbs to allow a developer to run make dbs. I would have preferred to find a way to make make db work and overwrite any rules that are defined in RULES_MODULE, but I don't see an easy way to do that.
  2. It moves the database expansion to be part of the build process instead of the install process
  3. It adds a db_post target that can be customised by a developer to do any necessary post-processing of database files

The intent is that all of the special code that previously was done in make db (defined typically in RULES_MODULE) should now be under db_post in the same location. The workflow is that the standard database expansion is performed (db_internal), after which any custom expansion can be performed if necessary.

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