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Cleanup commented code and fixing cmd files

Antoni Simelio requested to merge (removed):master into master

First Task *** Remove commented code from .db files

  • Question : One of the tasks is to separate the wrapper to the epics-module right ?
  • Do I have to remove also comments in PROTO File ? Line 25, 38 ??..
  • In fact i only found commented code in --> nrpxxsn_asyn.db

Second Task *** Cleanup cmd/s_nrpxxsn.cmd and move this to the module directory

  • I removed the pin to master in --> require rs_nrpxxsn,master
  • I removed 2 commented Environment Variable assingments
  • I have moved the file to cmds folder in the "module" and then eliminated the cmds folder from the wrapper , is it correct ?
    • So we have two files in the cmds folder of the "module"

Third Task *** Cleanup commented code I have eliminated all the comments below #L13.

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