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Clean-up db & proto files AND clean-up iosch file AND clean-up and move cmd file

Antoni Simelio requested to merge antonisimelio/e3-rs_nrpxxsn:master into master

First Task *** Remove commented code from .db files

PROTO File Line 25, 38 nrpxxsn_asyn.db

Second Task *** Cleanup cmd/s_nrpxxsn.cmd and move this to the module directory

I removed the pin to master in --> require rs_nrpxxsn,master I removed 2 commented Environment Variable assignments I have moved the file to cmds folder in the "module" and then eliminated the cmds folder from the wrapper

So we have two files in the cmds folder of the "module"

Third Task *** Cleanup commented code I have eliminated all the comments below #L13.

Fourth Task Task --> in "subroutines.c" file *** 125: Can use unsigned char instead of short. The "short" has been replaced already for "epicsInt16" in a previous commit. So nothing done

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