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ICSHWI-6479 e3 standardization

Anders Lindh Olsson requested to merge icshwi-6479-e3_standardization into master

Note that this MR is a Draft and shouldn't be approved nor merged yet.

This MR does a number of things:

  • modifies directory names to remove the deprecated -loc suffix
  • removes the <module>App subdir
  • defines that the module only needs to be built for corei7-poky and x86_64
  • updates configuration files to align the module with our current approach (e.g., installs to siteMods)
  • versions the module (1.0.0)
  • removes template and unneeded code
  • updates default config values to use the current environment definition (base 7.0.4, require 3.3.0, etc.)
  • defines module dependencies appropriately
  • restructures README, primarily to display requirements and setup at first glance
  • adds a LICENSE (GPLv3)
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