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Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • v3.8.8
    Release 3.8.8
    33adf9881 Tests: Add tests for NXTime NeXuS element
    97a307531 Tests: Check default values in NeXuS elements
    22e4d181b NexusSink: simplify the code
    3bab82e85 NexusSink: Improve the readability of log output
    9db13d9f5 Nexus: Unicode support
    5b8cb2b40 KOMPASS: Remove obvious wrong comment from setup
    a3924ca8c KOMPASS: drop list authenticator support
    d5d82128c SPODI: Drop list authenticator support
    d3e49e86d PUMA: Drop list authenticator support
    5d78f7b27 STRESSI: Drop list authenticator support
    d11e7734c NECTAR: Drop list authenticator support
    829c21a1e PGAA: Drop list authenticator support
    77e608d3a RESEDA: Improve selector calculation code
    a3ed9b812 REFSANS: Statusmonitor 03 add Remark
    ab57a3585 REFSANS/Watchdog: Modify rules to recognize shutdowns
    ca2d1ec8b REFSANS: Change the detector table settings
    7d43de2b0 REFSANS: Improve timedistace for monitor01
    a1e565114 Fix some pylint issues (constant conditions)
    623bfae02 STRESSI: Adapt HV1 setup to new box image
    83c21d18e J-NSE: add setup exclusion
    5e93503f9 POLI: setup cleanup
    dc111b873 J-NSE: setup updates
    aeb851933 KWS2: setup updates
    ef97183f5 POLI: fix indexus call
    ea63063ad KWS1: remove obsolete setups
    f819f29f7 Livewidget: Fix zooming out and custom ticks
    d23493485 Test/Reseda: Add test cases for the arm controller
    a45020693 PANDA: disable ca2 motor
    874240709 RESEDA: Implement delta lambda device
    d23f572ce GUI/SetupPanel: Fix not existing proposal in propinfo
    543d4e36c RESEDA: adapt the status monitor setups
    feb6d559c RESEDA/CCR: Reformatting setup
    22a1b4926 RESEDA: Fix reading of tuning file (csv)
    2e807bbee RESEDA: Fix formatting issue
    d0f38c487 TOFTOF: Fix isort issue
    0cda055ae TOFTOF: Remove monitor data from image sum value
    f259ff76e RESEDA/GUI: Change size of the markers in Mieze plots
    1082879fb TOFTOF/GUI: Display LV temperatures
    8dbc072f3 TOFTOF: Extend status of LV powersupply
    b7d54fbfd TOFTOF: Change the receiver of the messages
    c756e560b virtual image: fix array shape
    b58a70b29 monitor: use a squeezed label for the warning messages
    a33c88052 safeName: Fix formating usage and add test
    fd7a0a5d3 MIRA: configure scan file sink with semicolon
    4adbf8f5e DEL: Use semicolon as separator in scan files
    2c81ed729 VREFSANS: Fix new names of the first and last apertures
    24ff195b8 DataSink: Fix some formatting issues
    2baeeebe4 History/Scan: Add 'Ctrl-U' short cut to unzoom
  • v3.8.7
    Release 3.8.7
    87f83e241 KOMPASS: Fix poller problem
    de8a1ea6b KWS3: forbid simultaneous loading of setups
    56b17cc81 GUI: Fix typed value widget for the 'dictwith' type
  • v3.8.6
    Release 3.8.6
    79055b795 DNS: fix QMesyDAQ filename assignment
    a86c5cdda KWS2: only track maximum GE temperature in watchdog
    05fccd674 KWS3: reshuffle devices, create new combined devices for mirror/det
    1e3fd56d6 KWS3: fix name template for yaml files
    3dde36b37 PANDA: remove unused config
    d0cb851d0 PANDA: add ghost account aliases
    4c7a02ebb POLI: remove unused config option
    432472335 FRM2: adapt mmcb01 setup to new box
  • v3.8.5
    Release 3.8.5
    032640c1e PANDA: add ana block control GUI to tools
    1203000b4 KWS2: fix cmdtool() definition
    9b92020c1 ESS: Pin version of flatbuffers as newest version breaks the API
    49fc12d43 MLZ/KOMPASS: use AlphaStorage from panda
    5e19e565d MLZ/KOMPASS: minor fixes
    6478dad8f MLZ/KOMPASS: add setup + device for longitudinal PA
    83f52e96a MLZ/KOMPASS: add analyser axis
    b28398fed MLZ/KOMPASS: add rudimentary setup for aircontrol axes
    eded4b104 MLZ/KOMPASS: setup updates
    07a824982 MLZ/KOMPASS: rename "polarizer" to "longitudinal_pa" and remove now obsolete standalone kepco setup
    ded300502 SPODI: Fix ctxt data reader (image size)
    4f7dd349b SPODI: Enable reading of data files in live view
    670254953 LIVE: Fix typo
    e405a0d31 FRM2/CCM2A5: Adapt device specific limits
    0cc6e6d7e MultiSwitcher: Fix simulation behavior
    529bde93a MARIA pyro4: fix typo in attribute check
    ad07ffdd8 MARIA: Enforce yaml before gz in ascii file sink
    73a4c754f ScanFileSink: get Filenames via dedicated function
    8484f354c GUI/Editor: Fix traceback dialog call in simu results
    275baea75 MIRA: fix sr850 count
    fdf7786ef SANS-1: added sample changer script to templates
    80f3ae32c SANS-1: change lockdevice for collimation
    a613a7f02 SANS-1: change wut device
    ad5663d87 SANS-1: changed watchdog device ccm2a5
    eec64b9ca SANS-1: change included setups
    39d4b32f7 SANS-1: add attenuator axis and coder
    00e4c86cd SANS-1: change off and low position for hv device
    e0d1fd2f0 SANS-1: removed T device from setup
    a4f6398c5 SANS-1: add ccm2a5 to monitor setups
    dbb2815de SANS-1: added two devices for E21 measurements
    e67843752 SANS-1: change some visuals within the monitors
    6e9998846 SANS-1: corrected wrong hostname
    d0a1c14e7 SANS-1: add software instrument shutter
    059d8fad4 SANS-1: removed chopper related items from watchdag
    be3000da4 ANTARES: Fix setup for 4 camera imaging experiments
    96d963ce0 Gui/Editor: Disable collapsing the dry run results
    699d3c6f7 antares: introduce monitor block for huber setup
    1913fefda antares: changed device names for blur calculation
    93d17e18c antares: added new lenses and scintillators
    a89ad69ed antares: commit file mode change in some setups
    f4f04a107 antares: add some setups
    34ca72d7f Live: Don't display live data if no live data selected
    2d1c67279 MIRA: Fix runtime error due to wrong type
    2993e87ca REFSANS: Adapt resolution panel to new lib interface
    1d77c9cb2 REFSANS: Fix type conversion
    4a7378289 KWS2: Fix copyright (year)
    8ca1e4f34 gui: fix typo/give better name to attribute
  • v3.8.4
    Release 3.8.4
  • v3.8.3
    Release 3.8.3
    1d0250df2 LivePNG: Fix formatting issues
    c1499fbce Cascade: add PSD channel parameters to data files
    470a00b7d VRESEDA: Fix foildata calculation
    7a7e8bcec PUMA: Fix polarisation plots (adapt to new live widgets)
    2666855a5 FRM2/HTF: add parameters HTF temperature controller
    72b892a4d DataSink/LivePNG: Avoid division errors in case of empty pixels
    2e9bc97da Antares: Added new setups used by the ngi when measuring electrical steel
    9ef4b7cb2 antares: add device to calculate geometric blur
    d423e0757 KOMPASS: add reactor power to basic setups
    3284e68d2 SPODI: add aliases for the separate LakeShore
    a30020abe ANTARES: add additional digital outputs
    eb8ce6237 LIVEPNG: Add option to display 3D data
    75f4c3663 KWS2: add FTIR implementation
    52058b0cb KWS2: add FPLC sample environment
    aae3fe0a8 VRESEDA: add live sinks
    5ac876d89 RESEDA: Add live image to HTML status monitor
    a9f4a7960 UTILS: change the method name to clarify function
    5bc2d700b FRM2: Make the WMI micro wave generator general available
    948e88b3a live: make gamma filter dependency optional
    a7ed05eb9 REFSANS: Change the detector table settings
    535a5ea94 REFSANS: supervising single phase of cpt to proof window delay
    9c80d4827 REFSANS: datasink adding elements
    d99f9d65f REFSANS: attenuator: code and setup adding new device attenuator
    04051068f REFSANS: safetysystem setup and code adding personal keys
    f6f1e379a REFSANS: there is access to the encoder of the XY-Table of Disc2_pos
    7dae0e04c REFSANS: extending status monitor 5
    bb0a12de9 REFSANS: tristate code adding status
    df5248fb8 REFSANS: setup shutter_gamma cleaning systematic of setup done!
    bf6d4abef REFSANS: Reformat some lines in time distance diagram code
    47f18c685 REFSANS: bugfix correct use of virtual pos 6 and pos of choosen detector
    1babc1e75 REFSANS: datasink writing metainfo
    c4646ce52 REFSANS: height setup using
    9ddd81421 REFSANS: Fix time distance diagram
    bc07a2b5a REFSANS: detector table convert to PILS
    a33a9ea03 REFSANS: Enable image polling
    a30b36f07 REFSANS: h2 setup converting to PILS
    5e31152a2 REFSANS: Change pumpstand from modbus to PILS
    9c7aa0842 REFSANS: setups antrax and instrument
    ebcfa68c8 REFSANS: setup optic adjust with theodolite
    e339353fa ImagingLiveWidget: Add control panel
    4a331cf57 ANTARES: make antares gamma filtering globally available
    9719ffd79 ANTARES: Reimplementation of the Gamma filter
    1334f8ce1 STRESSI: Fix handling of more than one counter
    789b02bf1 PUMA: Fix HTML status monitor setup
    0481f8ff7 MARIA: Do not append arraynumber in single detector setups
    a08428652 GUI/utils: make the 'waitCursor' gobally available
    55454f2f8 MARIA: Create independent detector setups
    930646ca7 ANTARES: Fix setup formatting
    c25f5dd68 frm2/toftof: switch detector to entangle
    7dfaaebff mlz/mira: convert euler setup to entangle
    7e4ccae0e mira: save local changes
    813b6deeb experiment: add missing parameter type
    8b95bb358 TrendPlot: Avoid curve "collection" during reconnection
    5df0c44fb MIRA/RESEDA: Adopt live view for the TOF data mode
    fc72fb9ac TOFTOF: Add the sample enviroment values to NeXuS
    1c1f46ba3 TOFTOF: Fix calculation of the masked detectors
  • v3.8.2
    Release 3.8.2
    5e425079a DNS: fixup QMesyDAQ related classes for Tango interface
    596bce36d DNS: setup updates
    f0696ef23 SPODI: Switch electrical field devices to Tango
    1bc630e3f SPODI: Remove outdated setup
    cc562b2f2 TOFTOF: Remove unused setup
    3740290ae MLZ: Remove TACO nethost configuration if not needed
    422255557 TOFTOF: Adopt live view sink to new interface
    bdd0d8dc6 MARIA: Create same set of rois for second detector
    749408de5 MARIA: Create hardlinks for the first detector image.
    22823c46c JCNS instruments: unify managerights regarding new IAM
    17597dc45 TOFTOF: add pressure sensors (Keller)
    d7bac9216 TOFTOF: Fix NeXuS image writing implementation
    c096909d5 Panels/Live: Add interface to initialize control elements
    f093989d5 TOFTOF: Change instrument responsible
    261bba6ac live: fix confusing variable naming
    8338714a9 live: fix filetype/reader filetypes mismatches
    d2a0544f5 datasinks: fix readin of tiff files
    ded83d7dc TOFTOF: Workaround the blocking readArray('final')
    923eaa34c TOFTOF/NeXuS: Fix formatting
    a1425b642 Requirements: Move h5py to core requirements
    1c25cf347 systemd: Use the systemd service from source checkout readme
    611df31a3 RESEDA: adjust coder settings of arm1 and arm2
    0675b7223 TOFTOF/NeXuS: extend log output
    9e6509fff TOFTOF/NeXuS: Reduce update rate of the image data
    72cd6f348 TOFTOF/NeXuS: Fix channel_number writing
    4172ceb60 TOFTOF/NeXuS: Fix image data writing
    bf8f6a5bb TOFTOF/NeXuS: Fix monitor data writing
  • v3.8.1
    0be3e833 · Prepare for release 3.8.1 ·
    Release 3.8.1
    a5006b182 axis, biodiff: fix ambiguous wording of warning
    a7e5ecbbe installer: add dedicated installer requirements file, restrict PyQt versions
    6b4513452 TOFTOF/NeXuS: Fix some data types
    681452bb2 SMS: Fix byte/string mismatch
    2dd54033c TOFTOF: New NeXuS data writing implementation
    a6d47c91c QMesyDAQ: Enforce status reading in finish/stop method
    49e40b581 Bump nicos_api version to support better roles api
    b40955ac5 MIRA/RESEDA: Fix syntax error in startup code
    d8717675f QMesyDAQ: Sync 'listmode', 'histogram' parameters
    9c3773d8b BIODIFF: Lima camera returns None array when interrupted
    d96214a15 BIODIFF: fix py3 problem
    3de37781a BIODIFF: switch to Entangle counter server
    ae39c1fca MARIA: yamlsink does not store images
    9926904f5 MARIA: Add secondary detector(image)
    72bdb3536 MARIA: Add cradle to hexapod setup
    fef5dbc80 TREFF: Use entangle counter server
    ec5f41fad MARIA/TREFF: remove obsolete live handling from detector
    5859ee03b MARIA: add additional slit
    5831b1bb1 Hexapod: replace non-working axes with virtual ones
    a03ef7e2d MARIA: update instrument responsibles
    d08af531d Makefile: Make it more python3 compatible
    a35a1f125 gui/devices: do not display multi-line errors in the status column
    51ebfb160 session: mark failed devices as destroyed in unloadSetup
    441cd7ea5 SE: Enable only LDAP authentication
    d83df12f2 QMesyDAQ: Fix transposition of the image
    5ebacfd26 PANDA: create a sequencer class for the spectro, so that the analyzer moves separately at the end of the movement
    c0d603a49 setups: add exclude restrictions to please setupcheck
    25dcbee00 JCNS: set up GhOST authenticator
    5b59dcc90 requirements: remove special versions
    824367ac8 installer: prune unneeded directories from custom
    8727fd460 RESEDA: Switch sample table to phyMotion hardware
    17a3f4f7e MIRA: Add alias for the GhOST account
    578e02665 ghost: do not try to query sessions without a session number
    63d35502d Allow local contacts to start exps at any time
    237f03204 SANS1: Add GhOST user authentication support
    c746f0659 PGAA: Add LDAP and GhOST user database login support
    651fba8fd NECTAR: Add GhOST user database login support
    61678a4d3 KOMPASS: Add LDAP and GhOST user database login support
    3f04ecb89 PUMA: Add LDAP and GhOST user database login support
    3f7c448db SPODI: Add LDAP and GhOST user database login support
    608a0214c STRESSI: Add GhOST user database login support
    6df800c5f DNS: restore live image
    f69cc6c4b ERWIN: Add GhOST user database login support
    c36c6426a yamlbase: users/localcontacts are not mandatory
    3bfb91813 experiment: fix docstring
    b40deeefd GUI/DeviceDialog: Enable/Disable target input
    9235b5613 ERWIN: Drop simple auth support
    498ac455d MLZ: Remove mysql-connector from requirements
    f217dd6b1 MIRA: add user database account and proposal access
    0aee0bea3 TOFTOF: Add user database login and proposal access
    85f8aa9ff REFSANS: Add GhOST user database login support
    877dc01a7 REFSANS: drop list authenticator support
    66f2d0ad4 TOFTOF: fix LDAP configuration
    b4e8719f2 TOFTOF: Drop simple authentication support
    290f705a9 GUI: Fix setup panel (no key 'proposal' error)
    bdb4c7942 MIRA: drop list authenticator support
    664ee1824 ANTARES: Drop simple authenication support
    80f5d85e3 ANTARES: add user data and proposal database
    df0668081 RESEDA: Drop simple authorising support
    480cd78eb all: more fixes against secret leaking
    c00b42351 GHOST: Adjust api usage and prevent PW logging
    2d26c477b core/utils: typo fix
    a7b94542a NeXuS: Make SINQ NeXuS implementation to core module
    2764d0af5 Livewidget: Fix inconsistencies with plotcount
    4a5691209 TOFTOF: Add monitor setup for monitor01 computer
    f02e36e5f GUI: change return value of loadUi
    d4c9bff59 watchdog: fix conditions triggering "normal" state from partial updates
    f9bc73497 ImageLiveView: Disable live data entries
    1efde5afb GUI/imagelive: fix image file loading
    777465296 guisupport: Fix Z scale calculation for the 2D widget
    48835ff38 SPODI/LiveWidget: Increase speed of max calculation
    a126cc78b SPODI/LiveWidget: Fix wrong check with numpy array
  • v3.8.0
    1d9f0de4 · Prepare for release 3.8.0 ·
    Release 3.8.0
  • v3.8.0-post
    Devel version updated
  • 3.7.0-post
    Devel version updated
  • v3.7.0
    d6a80f2d · Prepare for release 3.7.0 ·
    Release 3.7.0
    44e182f changelog: prepare for 3.7 release
    3aea4de ESS: fix flaw in EpicsDevice
    04ac8df ESS: use flatbuffers to configure forwarder
    9943d72 Jenkinsfile: use new gerrit_checkout helper
    5990364 run setupcheck with py3
    9799950 Refsans/Beckhoff: Improve NOK moving
    a74d775 REFANS: add PolynomFit mixin
    49c4582 REFSANS/Dimetix: Fix version number detection
    fa0a81e reseda: improve logging a little
    230c29e RESEDA: Make pylint a little happier
    7e5f720 Refsans/NOK: cleanup hw parameter reading code
    f2b1b76 STRESSI: Move detector from CARESS to TANGO
    a2665c5 VREFSANS: Fix resolution setup
    653f63f STRESSI: Change the robot table to TANGO
    ec03982 PUMA: add He3 cell lifter device
    15e3708 PUMA: switch devices from TACO to TANGO
    e7d36f0 QMesyDAQ/Tango: add the multicounter implementation
    c0d6577 PUMA: Tango implementation of cycle counter device
    be0f8db REFSANS/beckhoff: fix interpretation of errorcode
    4d8a0bd CI: do not require python-systemd on CentOS 6
    33f5003 REFSANS: add Raspberry Pi analog input devices
    70ae5f7 REFSANS: change nima setup
    b8e292f REFSANS bugfix in calculating resolution
    56a1f4a REFSANS: Fix chopper resolution test
    c82ca43 REFSANS/datasink: add some devices
    cbfc4e5 REFSANS: set polynominal parameter
    d21782f VREFSANS: Sync setup with real instrument a little bit more
    cfa4719 [FRMII] miramagnet: switch to new ControlBox
    e6fd0a9 CCM12V: update setup
    695029b REFSANS/Beckhoff: add potentiometer read out
    9c8ce7d REFSANS/Beckhoff: remove temperature device class
    0190189 REFSANS: make pylint happy
    2e9e844 REFSANS/Monitor2: Use motor instead of axis values
    9b3b77e REFSANS: take precision from config file
    6fd7f6e REFSANS: Add 'absolute' parameter to EncoderDifference device
    c7d085a Make pylint happy
    57cf8b5 REFSANS: add live sink to display live data
    313cc7d CI: fail on ciscripts/
    3d974a8 CI: filter out custom py2 only requirements
    4864dd9 Drop PyQt4 and python 2 only nicoslivewidget from CI
    39422b0 PUMA: Fix pathes for log files and user db access
    8fcec4e Fix InteractiveGRWidget has no member 'cbm'
    f103ee4 TOFTOF: Cleanup code writing sample environment into data files
    6c70e28 VTOFTOF: Disable some watchdog rules
    c447249 TOFTOF: remove double included guidehall setup
    ec60f1b VTREFF: Fix typo in NL5 setup description
    fb95ef9 VTOFTOF: add guidehall and neutron guide elements
    fbf0e47 VTOFTOF: add missed LogSpace device
    917f1f9 VTOFTOF: Add neutron guide setup
    446a53b TEST: fix broken SINQ NeXuS test
    43fa9f3 TEST: fix typo
    1c67d63 GR: use callback manager (cbm) instead of GUIConnector
    b7c9476 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release-3.6' into master
    2283c36 REFSANS: Switch detector from TACO to TANGO
    cf82f51 Upgrade to slackclient v2
    68c9cd6 pylint: skip pylint2 for slack client
    5509892 html monitor: add nonexpired=True to keep current behaviour
    cd67fa3 MONITOR/HTML: Sync behavior of expired values with Qt version
    ccb8390 SINQ: SANS detector
    a6e7c2f SINQ: SANS setups
    82123f4 galaxi: display mythen detector live data during count
    0345e5f PANDA: setup updates
    6f8e023 POLI: slits bpl <-> bpr in NICOS
    7d65e10 POLI: Adjust adet sequence
    8af1ccd POLI: configure mezeiflipper for adet.
    3417d07 POLI: update from instrument
    1803d6c core/params: fix string() and validators requiring strings
    5b3fb45 release-3.6: Fix import for upstream python-gr wrapper 1.15.0
    374669c frm2: ccm12v changes after testing at PANDA
    c82ee6b TREFF: do not poll qmesydaq setup
    414a2e2 ktable: integrate counter card
    f117687 TREFF: set up for dedicated detector lab test table
    f3993a3 pylintrc: do not warn on trailing comma tuple
    e96acab QMesyDAQ: add tango interface
    efd7090 ANTARES: Set data readonly after FinishExperiment:
    5bd04d6574 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release-3.6'
    965e50b IPC: Use hex number in status detection
    764280f RESEDA: add collimator setup
    019940a ESS: Added request/response functionality for just-bin-it
    44a711e SINQ: skip pylint/pytest under Python 2
    bfdc812 ESS: skip pylint on ESS modules on Python 2
    dfb5571 ESS: skip tests requiring streaming_data_types on Python 2
    8ce62c3 ESS: bump streaming-data-types requirement
    dca67a5 ESS: fix a bug which causes surplus error messages on setup loading when no KafkaForwarder is present
    421ee62 ESS: Updated config for LOKI
    a06f8ba SANS1: use a LockedDevice with precision for det1_z
    de2d7f8 ESS: Updated nicos.conf for YMIR
    421f6ec NECTAR: Add precision for collimator drum motor
    958c45f NECTAR: Add backlash to FOV axis
    4313f5b NECTAR: Change path for HTML status file
    28edec6 GUI: bugfix and improvements (ESS)
    c5a25d0 pylint: Whitelist pyqt5 toplevel module
    5ffd885 astropy: bump versions
    4d71cff NECTAR: Switch servostar and linear stage 1 to entangle.
    3dd02d8 DEMO: Improve McStas image detector implementation
    3076aff Make setupcheck non-blocking
    4b99e6b Fix pytest/python-cov versions for python2
    93cca71 Install dev deps last
    b64343d Fix doctest in jenkinsfile
    cafa009 Jenkins: use Ubuntu bionic container
    6bd33c4 requirements: PyTango 9 is good on all Python versions
    8ad0503 ESS: fix "Setup package 'nicos_ess' does not exist."
    ebcbcde manualscan: Fixes to work with /plot
    dc5d185 iffsampledb: update LDAPAuth config, fix sample panel
    cdd6952 SECoP support
    d81ca4e Use McStas simulated intensity instead of event counts
    cb2b82a Simplify loading events from mcstas files
    8222823 Fix McStasImage implementation
    dffe569 poller: do not try systemd notify() from subprocesses
    fafbbc9 Commands: reexported rmaw() and rmove()
    b00f54b ALL: Fix email address of downtime report tool
    961070c history: fix loading presets from settings on different Python versions
    d24dbc6 cacheclient: avoid error when early init fails
    2cfc9ba SINQ: prepare DMC for neutron event streaming
    a42d96f VTREFF: add missing setups and devices
    5975f26 ESS: fix EPICS motor position calibration
    95cf486 VTREFF: add the McStas simulation source files
    c86c8c5 EPICS: add AreaDetector image channel
    7c4afbc TESTS: Skip test if some modules not installed
    76cf955 LOG: handle missing modules
    d4c4f7f Demo: create a virtual BIODIFF
    cd9bf3e Demo: Create a base McStasImage detector device
    ee3624a session: only create console handler if sys.stdout is present
    82c138f FRM2:ccr remove obsolete code
    753bb8d FRM2: Remove unused setup for ccr13
    bbb8299 FRM2:CCR18: switch to new ControlBox
    e56b6e3 TUW: add missed nicos.conf for XCCM instrument
    9a1ebe9 quick fix: conditionally load ess main window
    be05ed2 pylint: disable import-outside-toplevel
    6c107fb Enable python3 pylint
    f7d4b03 LOG: add special loggers for specific facilities
    2d7743f add tool to fix long-int cache entries
    2b659b6 daemon: fix getExecutingUser() for "eval" requests
    e2c465a SPODI: Add guide pressures to web monitor
    7b19178 vendor: remove two outdated and unused modules
    dfb0c6a core: move parameter polling from Readable to Device
    50e200c daemon: remove outdated comment regarding pyctl import
    e98a5cf compilation: user new-style division flag only on py2
    c8686af commands: do not require admin for SetMode
    33fbb0a ESS: NeXus file writing enhancements and fixes
    97bdc89 SINQ: add ControlDetector base class for controling multiple detectors
    ced5a61 ESS: Removed old integration instrument
    bfe20c3 ESS: Add placeholder for LoKI
    ebada79 Tango: Add standard image channel
    e2ec202 J-NSE: Configure 4 regions of interests.
    385a0d1 ESS: Update YMIR devices
    4a3e31f Move mysql from optional to MLZ specific requirements
    31c4528 ESS: Rename essiip to ymir
    3510299 Move redmine requirement to the GUI requirements
    920d52b TOFTOF: Remove neutron guide motor class
    8e50874 PYLINT: 'string' module isn't deprecated
    b34c1d9 virtual: remove unused attribute from VirtualImage
    e82c850 PGAA: Switch attenuator and shutter to Tango
    f30cc95 PGAA: switch sample table and changer and collimator to Tango
    92a950f TEST: Improve test for PUMA multi devices
    a95c9e6 ESS: Use external library for decoding flatbuffer messages
    3fde8cd TEST/PUMA: check for PY2 to find the maketrans function
    e7dce6e FRM2: Sync ccidu2 setup to ccuidu1 setup
    99eb89a POLI: Remove empty observers list
    4863551 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release-3.6'
    31b8987 VPUMA: sync the sampletable setup with real instrument
    64710fc TEST/PUMA: add missing 'rd6_cad' device
    d2b5635 TEST/PUMA: Fix formatting issues (line length)
    8183176 SINQ: Implemented SINQ file naming scheme
    b40868e SINQ: Added a datasink which sends a UDP mesage after finishing a data file
    8ab5027 SINQ: made execute() method visible in help for EpicsCommandReply
    beccc95 RESEDA: Heinzinger power supplies no longer used
    3c6c0f0 RESEDA: remove experiment title and sample name from HTML monitor
    a7c9f96 RESEDA/CCR: Change the cryostat device names
    3177a5c RESEDA: Add commands to switch experiment mode
    9f72485 RESEDA: add argument help to commands
    4d396dc SANS1/Monitors: Display parking position instead of phase
    1956376 SANS1: add setup for labjack
    9674d8f GUI: Use 'escape_html' function instead of 'cgi.escape'
    2b41cda ESS: Add default no_messages_callback
    eaec259 CONTRIBUTING: update strategy for GH/Gerrit division
    9f0084b Added fix for changing ast.Module required arguments in Python 3.8. See
    f809983 GUI: work around a crash on Py3/Ubuntu Bionic
    d70dc6a Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release-3.6'
    910df33 SANS-1: change col_3 devices
    0edf6cc SANS-1: add warnlimits to devices
    cce6720 SANS-1: adjust commands path
    bda7489 SANS-1: add dilatometer setup
    37d58b6 CONTRIBUTING: Change link to the gerrit review
    0cace36 MLZ: Fix typo in result mail template
    6c25976 RESEDA: Change name of temperature devices of CCR
    62ee5d0 RESEDA: Change the temperature limits of the CCR
    1f06198 RESEDA: add warn limits to the pressure devices
    a2972d2 RESEDA: change limits of the HV devices
    836faa2 RESEDA: change description of HV devices
    fcc6d77 RESEDA/ARM2: change display format
    00ea537 RESEDA: use 'deg' in unit instead of '°'
    bc4f0f3 RESEDA: add setup for the 2nd detector
    5c0f71a REFSANS: nomenclature b1, b2, b3, h3, nok5a, nok5b, det_table
    0ed86e3 REFSANS/NIMA: Fix writing curstatus parameter in poller
    8680c02 REFSANS/chopper: adjust temperature calibration for core sensors
    46c1b9a REFSANS/det_table: adjust the temperature sensor settings
    ca09ead REFSANS: add reset for double NOK subdevices
    2225779 PUMA: update ana and mono parameters
    c7292be PUMA/Seccoll: Fix configuration
    1f69c2c PUMA/monitor: Fix Detector hv voltage device
    87d77c8 PUMA: Fix LakeShore controller names
    a5e071f [ESS] Trying to catch the wrong exception type
    ed28adb Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release-3.6'
    dfa4a76 SANS1: Change number ordering of SC 2
    4f8ef05 SANS1/watchdog: Change the temperature check
    881c210 SANS1/monitors: Fix the Julabo device names
    d6c493a SANS1/monitors: Fix device names of 2T magnet
    0d13446 SANS1: add pressure box setups
    7861c40 ALL: Fix different _generateSequence interfaces
    37f6003 DEMO: clean up setup of axes
    8b6c250 PUMA: rename IPC module
    f0053ad MEPHISTO: remove pseudo coders from axes
    d41ca4e MIRA: Remove 'pseudo' coders from axes
    5aa3a9f PANDA: Remove 'pseudo' coders from axes
    6bbdda1 FRM2: Remove 'pseudo' coders from axes
    164640c PANDA: Remove empty observer lists
    3d95fb6 DELAB: Remove pseudo coders from axes
    5fa4ee3 MEPHISTO: Remove empty observer lists from axes
    fb28eab MIRA: Remove empty observer lists
    0179bb8 REFSANS: Remove empty observer lists
    dca646b FRM2: remove empty observer lists from axes
    99e924f DELAB: remove empty observer lists
    471e713 REFSANS: remove pseudo coders from axes
    25030cd SANS: Remove 'pseudo' coders from axes configuration
    22e5735 SANS1: Remove empty observer list from axes
    bc0a030 PUMA: Remove pseudo coders from axes
    2de6394 commands/experiment: remove arbitrary parameter from FinishExperiment
    284196c utils: allow more chars in user names in parseConnectionString
    c292e60 PUMA: remove empty observer lists
    5b19bff GUI/AuthDialog: Set the focus correctly
    cf44c95 PUMA: Switch LakeShore controller to TANGO
    b8bf4c7 GUI: add tabstops for the remote auth entries
    306f081 TUW: Configure simulation daemon
    1ffe4c6 Remove all empty lists in detector setups.
    9f612a4 GUI: add panels specific for ESS
    c290316 GUI: allow different interface in derived class
    6672466 GUI: Add QSS stylesheet for ESS
    608e22b GUI: Configure the GUI according to the UX workshop
    974b5b4 GUI: Add a new function to compose panels using VBoxLayout and HBoxLayout
    2f6143f REFSANS: Add Python3 compatiblity modules
    2f91d37 Monitor/HTML: make writing of HTML file Py3 compatible
    19f1f60 REFSANS: numeric change
    3d54be7 REFSANS: Disable backlash error for DoubleNOK's
    9e21d37 REFSANS: Add Langmuir trough (vendor: Nima)
    a875327 ANTARES: clean up setups (remove doubled devices)
    114ad9f ANTARES: replaced liveimage setup by two setups
    2066150 ANTARES: added scintillatortx setup
    8f17903 ANTARES: changed limits in battery furnace setup
    72d51a7 ANTARES: adapted monitors to new liveimage setups
    4766107 ANTARES: add pinhole-sample distance device
    34d8bc2 ANTARES: added units to setups
    2f7fc77 ANTARES: deleted unnecessary (old) setups
    1bdec12 ANTARES: added new basic setups for detectors
    2c752ad ANTARES: added some previously untracked setups
    c34df01 ANTARES: Fix description of detector position
    e3f6341 antares: add liveimage setup
    79f12dc DOC: Fix description for use of 'monitor_blocks'.
    d0a8ec9 DOC: Fix typo in example for 'monitor_blocks'
    f60ef9f XCCM: Adopt status monitor
    79ac424 XCCM: Add HTML monitor setup
    a72fec1 SINQ: fixed detector following changes in master branch
    c9c9b57 XCCM: Clean up monitor setup
    5abd5ae REFSANS/datasink: Add chopper speed
    292816e REFSANS: setups naming convention nok1 -> shutter_gamma
    7248fa0 REFSANS: setup nok5a nok5b zb0 zb1
    9410558 REFSANS: change _obs to _analog
    0a49a7f REFSANS: rename _m to _motor to get consistency
    9add3c0 REFSANS: adding some setups for optic
    b130f70 ANTARES: Add device for L over D value
    f02a59c REFSANS/Beckhoff: Motors have temp sensor in core
    f6510e5 REFSANS: QAD code set scale
    15020b8 REFSANS: make 'height' optional
    2270720 REFSANS: ruler is not a userparameter any longer
    7f1190a REFSANS: change constant for fc major-change
    dc43a0c REFSANS: change setup monitor
    60ea47b REFSANS: cleaning numbers
    5d3dcaf REFSANS: setup chopperphasentiming set window_delay
    9f70ceb Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release-3.6'
    4ff2956 REFSANS: change magic nummber in calculations
    286c33f REFSANS: Fix flag with wrong sign in safety system
    b1108d4 REFSANS: Fix chopper code
    8a42e8e REFSANS: rename local setup sample
    dc83f3d REFSANS: add live view panel
    f51fa48 REFSANS: Set category to some parameters
    127d41c TUW: Add the XCCM instrument at TU Vienna
    88b231b PUMA: Fix typo
    beae33c Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release-3.6'"
    e3d1795 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release-3.6'
    58ebbc8 SINQ,TEST: Fix copyright year
    ea2f45a all: guard against prepare() not called in sink handler end()
    c607071 datamanager: factor out the method actually updating the counter files
    f6e475e datamanager: access _last_scans via API method
    ba1e192 all: move to
    84c2c18 core: move the data manager to the Experiment object
    ccc8d8a test: add test for watchdog conditions
    48fc120 watchdog: allow defining conditions in setups and load them automatically
    232bb88 watchdog: allow dynamic en/disabling of conditions via GUI
    8ca53a8 watchdog: notify about resolved warnings and show it in the gui
    9bde4b8 watchdog: check for setup changes and restart
    98d4052 watchdog: completely refactor watchdog logic
    446dc84 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release-3.6'
    80695c2 SPODI: fix some isort issues
    0959d1b tango: device names can also contain dashes
    6cf5ca9 utils: check for supported TCP keepalive settings
    158e0c7 test: fix docstring
    913a1fe core: add missing API import
    2f2b1ba BOA: NeXus file writing
    81e3998 BOA: setup discovery
    2d59113 BOA: standard table setups
    7a99b7c BOA: add table device for organizing components
    1ef0ade BOA: add setups for slits and various table stages
    c2f4d7d SINQ: A SINQ double monochromator device
    243065c BOA: detector and optics setups
    4731603 SXTAL: Correct update_error arguments
    d4f3557 Add leybold devices to ccm8v
    4f993d4 DNS: add new cmdlet for slit scan
    d4f2f5f move commands: Sanity check before starting
    02866ef utils: add tupelize() to group an iterable into tuples
    36f95cd nlaue: remove superseeded rmxxx commands
    96045b4 commands: add rmove/rmaw commands
    aceaa04 commands: refactor move/maw commands
    4c65170 CORE: cacheclient: ignore outdated updates
    40ba953 detector: rework preset handling
    9719d5e J-NSE: Remove missing/unused data logger
    47d3ebc TREFF: add proposal db file
    19028ad dns: fix line endings
    5fbb4f4 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release-3.6'
    a1e7848 cache: use TCP keepalive for client connections
    edf3fdd tango: reuse DeviceProxy objects
    0ff8b18 experiment: log errors during zipFiles
    89d8e90 utils: handle errors from os.stat() gracefully while en/disabling
    68df1ec cli client: show ETA information if available
    4bc2920 setup panel: notify user that proposal changes are queued
    bd86a9d PANDA: update slit setup
    56b2d8e frm2: ccidu1 now has a still heater device
    0485d29 gui: fix DataProxy to work with new cleanArray function
    cbe9c28 setup panel: fix blocking NewExperiment when script is running
    28b881a STRESSI: Better checks for not opened data file
    bb38ac3 commands: better error for the case CreateDevice(dev)
    6adbdaf help: support calling help("dev") or help("command")
    165b4f0 utils: fix zipFiles when no logger is given
    6870870 experiment: downgrade "cycle query" error to warning
    d2472f9 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release-3.6'
    4c6aa5e core/setups: fix appending Columns
    dff8353 VANTARES: sync speeds with real hardware
    20a86f6 TOFOF: Improve generated code for the resolution panel
    2f957d8 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release-3.6'
    48bd52a STRESSI: add mpfc01 temperature to the HTML monitor
    b633724 FRM2: move motorbox1 to ictrl "instrument"
    3090b46 Reseda: local changes
    f7126c8 RESEDA: Modify HTML monitor setup
    5e5143c TEST: Skip tests based on kafka and kafka isn't available
    f613f57 PGAA/Fix: value changing in PGAA panel
    df2f43e PGAA: Fix python3 issues
    fccfcea ESS: split EpicsKafkaForwarder in a monitor and a controller
    3146f9b SPODI: remove 'mux' device
    d0d8bab frm2/ccm8v: fix device description
    0fa6841 DOC: update the copyright (year)
    38b4a06 fix setup for amagnet
    0796cc8 SPHERES: group up setups to basic setups.
    743e431 SPHERES: restrict access to selector to admin level
    ee9487e monitor: allow defining monitor blocks in device setups
    643be85 Change to Kafka Consumer
    70f6ab3 vtreff: bind to all interfaces
    30ffde0 REFSANS/Watchdog: Modify rules to recognize shutdowns
    80d9df1 Stressi: Cleanup basic setups
    3fbd90d Stressi: Remove mux and related devices
    d85899a Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release-3.6'
    73c9758 utils: fix formatDuration for intervals close to full hrs/days
    cc5bf4c DNS/Galaxi: use "safe" sample name for filenametemplate
    7a59792 NECTAR: add additional linear stage (previous fov)
    b32a1f4 test: do not output colors for textclient test
    7e227bb TOFTOF: add julabo01 to status monitor
    e91500a TOFTOF/monitor: add Newport based sample rotation
    746d748 STRESSI/Monitor: Add 'psx' device
    04e7497 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release-3.6'
    5457d80 PANDA: Update copyright (year)
    55cab8b SPHERES sis: make measuremode a parameter
    6d0691f SPHERES sis: fix accumulation mode
    446f40c SPHERES: Adjustments
    7b6f2ec SPHERES shutter: Add door and chain status
    7b89b27 SPHERES doppler: get custom range from attached device
    39cf0fb utils: allow negative scale in extractKeyAndIndex
    9b95033 core/device: fix grammar, clarify a bit
    08a8713 debian: add python-lttb dependency
    a32aa86 changelog: dont pretend 3.7.0 exists already
    781b921 Remove 'lttb' package from source
    a1055bf KWS1/2: add a better way to transfer GE det settings without ramping HV
    0dd9e55 KWS1: setup updates
    cadfc4e SANS-1/Monitors: add dilatometer
    94f2aac SANS-1: check chopper water flow
    434b1aa Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release-3.6'
    6778c5f monitor/qt: fix remaining resizing problem on Qt 5
    e8980e1 gui history panel: on long connection loss, re-query all history plots
    f6d323b devices/tango: poll temperature heateroutput more often
    35ca8fc gui history panel: do not try to plot deletion updates
    88ac214 gui devices panel: guard against dialog already deleted
    34a5972 tas/sxtal spectrometer: remove unused _waiters attribute
    4508946 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release-3.6'
    f38016a KWS3: add a cmdlet to generate a script restoring certain devices to current value
    a9ba550 GENERIC/AXIS: Fix race condition for fast moving axes
    78ed8df SANS1: fix CopySinkHandler to account for errors in prepare
    2bd35c9 jcns/fpga: timeout of the external start signal is a hard error
    3703fb5 KWS1: fix tracebacks when editing measurement settings
    3b03051 PANDA: add missing descriptions
    af88eb0 PANDA: update foci referencing sequence to always move in one direction
    698e7fd PANDA: replace panda_s7 for mtt
    f69df79 gui devices panel: close control dialogs after reconnect
    7927a91 PANDA: setup updates
    875082c PANDA: some comments to avoid confusion with mono foci motor currents
    22c19f4 PANDA: new panel to manually control the mtt/monoblocks
    a19f69a DNS: setup updates
    1499c31 KWS1: setup updates
    560f054 POLI: watchdog setup updates
    a9f90fe KWS3: setup updates
    ff8e81d KWS3: add devices for new virtual mirror+translation motors
    98bdab6 KWS2: setup updates
    f785ced KWS2: make regularly substituted 14m slit not report WARN state
    e69bc01 daemon: log updates, show script user names
    54bfee9 frm2: update hpc1 setup
    85204e8 DNS: change monochromator tilt I/Os to motor with time control
    9b0f2d4 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release-3.6'
    c575b47 core: make debug log messages consistent (lowercase)
    ee96b50 core/utils: fix typo
    a637849 core: fix waiting on Measurable devices in dry-run
    a2aea16 datasink: note that end() is called in a finally clause
    4bd0b17 ANTARES: Integrate amagnet into watchdog
    b41f3e9 commands/scan: implement appendscan for multiple scan devices
    a827b88 commands/scan: fix scan direction with multiple appendscan(-n)
    24d06f5 commands/tas: fix inability to pickle Q objects
    1dcb82f install: update, prefer Qt5, fix package lists for Debian/Ubuntu
    2fefa4e KWS1: rename hexapod setups and exclude each other
    775f42a KWS1: adjust hexapod tool to make it work with the entangle server
    7e9d6d8 install: small clarification
    49f1233 ANTARES: Add bar code reader device
    e5a6d22 ANTARES: add some additional detector parameters
    4998e81 ESS: Captured just-bin-it changes from V20
    db4244c guisupport: prefer Qt 5 for the next release
    e1fdf22 ANTARES: Switch old CCR boxes to Tango
    25037e6 ANTARES: Fix limits of the scintillator x translation
    6fe8a4f ANTARES: set fastshutter for Neo camera
    03967d6 Merge "Merge branch 'origin/release-3.6' into master"
    0478e78 Mesydaq/caress: fix unreachable code
    22ad22f Merge branch 'origin/release-3.6' into master
    fe31281 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release-3.6'
    4e7e66f MONITOR/HTML: Sync behavior of expired values with Qt version
    dcfb637 SANS-1: add warnlimits to devices
    b6650c2 SANS-1: adjust commands path
    b76f95e SANS-1: add dilatometer setup
    3072bab Monitor/HTML: Correctly handle output on Python3
    2a19181 Merge branch 'release-3.6'
    6a327d3 html monitor: fix display for fields with key=
  • v3.6.1
    9aa47122 · Prepare for release 3.6.1 ·
    Release 3.6.1
    06338e9 BIODIFF: add monitor counter to ZEA card setup
    417b475 gui/messageview: fix quoting of embedded URLs
    f7b3f3a gui: fix relying on action text for logic
    079c0af REFSANS: monitors...
    6e5bd71 Refsans/nok: Fix typo in function name
    7193c8d gui plotting: fix sanitizing of input data
    c1dd933 gui proposal input: fix notification email addresses disappearing
    1e7b9c2 CORE:mixins/HasWindowTimeout: fix race condition
    a0b1571 antares: switch cc_puma to tango
    a917c27 commands: clarify docstring example
    c077f30 core: poll after enable() and disable()
    b428604 Webhookforwarder: Use base queue directly
    65b31d1 collector: fix missing forward of TTL
    9d975db nicos_mlz: fix Qt res file location for some .ui files
    88f2a05 NECTAR: Fix status monitors
    d0cdd7d ANTARES: Fix monitor setups
    54c9e70 ANTARES: Fix status monitor setups
    690467c KWS1: setup updates
    5dd3e04 JCNSMON: setup updates
    bf2d357 gui: fix setPosition for lowlevel devices
    17868d1 gui: add setPosition entry to the actions menu
    1207983 STRESSI: Fix monitor setups
    63a0712 virtual: do not set status BUSY when speed==0
    c4f6731 SPODI: switch to new samplechanger
    812aa78 gui cmdlets: show all devices in select lists in expert mode
    6b2f85b BIODIFF: rotate ccd image
    ee56f54 MARIA: enable parallel referencing for slits
    eb8a836 MARIA: Use generic slits (4 blades) class for 2 blades.
    12878c4 html monitor: fix display for fields with key=
    116a68b CHANGES: add 3.6 changelog
    6599d62 REFSANS: fix file mode (remove x bit)
    c9b0ac6 REFSANS: update status monitor(s)
    a950429 REFSANS use config setups 'code_base'
    bba1314 REFSANS: Change file mode
    01ef8c6 REFSANS: cleanup all basic setups
    016d4ca REFSANS: change b3 mode for 'gisans' measurements
    2ef2d2c REFSANS: use config data for optic elements
    59b96ef REFSANS: add external and internal sensors for julabo01
    f7c1eed REFSANS: setup: gonio, height and samplechanger
    e39de1e REFSANS: change incremental to absolute coder
    160aee0 REFSANS: device chopper/real
    0794e34 REFSANS: Add special function to set chopper phases
    aac4ec4 REFSANS: configfile optic
    b7b32ee REFSANS: code chopper
    c7a5c5f REFSANS: some setups and ConfigFile instrument
    7ec8b34 REFSANS: change nok9 analog encoder parameters
    8f69efc REFSANS: Add regulation of the liquid sample surface height
    fb477c4 REFSANS: device pumpstand
    735d769 REFSANS datasink
    335918e REFSANS; setup gonio_top
    49b8eae REFSANS: device vsd
    74c9205 REFSANS: Store primary beam measurement number
    ae10fb4 REFSANS: setup off
    c038f57 REFSANS same setups code_base
    242174f Update copyright (year)
    754dcfb REFSANS: Modify Time-Distance-Diagram
    cee8b7d REFSANS: configData instrument
    413e134 REFSANS: Clean up 'system' setup
    d4d6c17 REFSANS: Clean 'startup' setup
    529ac9e REFSANS: disable watchdog warnings in status monitors
    5febb7c REFSANS: Reenable pressure control in watchdog
    71d69a0 ANTARES: add a watermark logo
    f350da0 BIODIFF: Special handling for prepare on RScans
    79763d3 Revert "Remove redundant shutter control from rscan command."
    1bc370a BIODIFF: fix initialization of ccd
  • 3.6.0-post
    Devel version updated
  • v3.6.0
    2773aa0b · Prepare for release 3.6.0 ·
    Release 3.6.0
    e6960d1 galaxi: use entangle mythen detector server
    1b9cbca galaxi: use new pilatus detector device
    dcc8e34 galaxi: use IFF sample database to store scan metadata
    a10caf8 Add total sum to biodiff's lima, live image, rois
    d3acfde pilatus_det: add devices that support the new entangle server
    1d5b774 nicos_jcns: add devices providing automatic scan metadata upload to the IFF sample database
    a196a61 utils: add 'metadata' field providing a default value to 'User' class
    c4d376c DEMO: configure liveinterval in demo sans setup
    5a93128 gui dialogs: fix help window misbehaving under Qt5
    4c4618b demo: fix dbus notifier
    a1d3175 virtual image: add some background
    68d2bca Remove redundant shutter control from rscan command.
    0a13cba NECTAR: add a watermark logo
    75cad18 ANTARES: Fix typo in GUI config
    0f936d7 TESTS: speed up PUMA multidetector tests
    17bf2f7 CONTRIBUTING: Fix some typo
    4a8d576 Update copyright information (year)
    3f2e6b9 REFSANS: Fix formatting issue
    cb3a141 SINQ: Fix datasink tests (hardcoded year)
    28ab23e STRESSI: Use LDAP for access control
    4575c0c STRESSI: add setup for second radial collimator
    aed6ed6 STRESSI: Switch from CARESS to TANGO for radial collimator
    0e85f1a TANGO: simplify doStatus method code
    8ad5a20 session: dont write pidfile in systemd mode
    88a4574 CORE: remove deprecated '[g|s]etPar' methods
    2eb644c SPODI: Fix monochromator slit devices
    6950773 ANTARES: add sharpness detection setup for the NEO camera
    0c24b8e NECTAR: add sharpness detection setup for the NEO camera
    bfb5ce6 VANTARES: Add sharpness detector signal
    7a80421 ANTARES: add sharpness postprocessing detector device
    163885e TREFF: remove invalid mail address.
    8045497 Use prefixed keys in the keymap
    2c667be Fix keyring storepath default value
    60e9658 REFSANS: move IPC related device into separate file
    d90eee2 all: grammar fix
    49f691f GUI ScriptStatusPanel: solve ETA race condition
    cec85c3 SPHERES sis: fix liveimaging
    299491c NECTAR: Add lens configuration to the focus ring device
    9326e49 NECTAR: add neo camera with own control computer
    7008f70 NECTAR: update userlimits for the fov 300 box
    68465ed Configure shutter for new profinet plc v4
    5bdb610 VSPODI: Fix setups
    6d8b441 demo: HML should be local contact
    1c883f8 Add pod-demo target spinning up a container from current checkout.
    d4a0481 REFSANS: add live data view
    4593916 REFSANS/Beckhoff: Fix misunderstandings of hardware access
    4c15344 NECTAR: activate 'fov' axis coder
    ca45a80 REFSANS: use parameters instead of special methods
    30c242e RESEDA: prepare for new detector with more foils
    826dc1c SPODI: add 'tths' as preset value to the detector.
    5d5724a VTREFF: make the McStas simulation a little bit more realistic
    d231d9c all: add systemd capability for nicos services
    b0c1bff demo: guiconfig fixes
    f3ba258 skeleton: some improvements to docs and default configs
    2259443 REFSANS: remove x bit from setups
    c4ec651 SPODI: Simplify detector preset code
    085c961 REFSANS: Element shutter
    feecc6c REFSANS: update status monitors
    5230b63 REFSANS: change value for alias_config b1, b2, b3h3, zb3
    d0ed667 STRESSI: add default speed parameter values
    f8ff765 doc: fix generation of class index with customdoc
    c980e04 RESEDA: fix typo
    8e874d1 DOC: Remove 'make_configdata' function
    4431642 TOFTOF: fix typo
    fa3f4c8 PandaLoad: Fix typo
    113b7cb DOC: add quick class index
    78674a5 SPODI: fix typo
    d4beb4e GALAXI: fix typo
    13b9778 DEMO: Add sample slit in monitor setup for the tas setup
    f7b2364 VSTRESSI: sync devices to STRESSI instrument setup
    e20816c typedvalue: fix unused variable
    f609fcc KWS: add Switch equivalent to Standin motor, use it
    70c8a44 RESEDA/MiezeDisplay: Fix calculation of the errors
    5ad259a PUMA/IPC: Fix complaint about parameter assignment
    1d46c57 RESEDA: Fix Py3 problem with range to list conversion
    883052a STRESSI: Adopt setups of the Eulerians
    6538f00 STRESSI: simplify tensile rig setup file
    6811dd8 STRESSI: Switch devices to TANGO
    07e28ed all: use set literals and set/dict comprehensions
    891337b setups: better name for make_load_config and move it out of general utils
    d3be1ac Cleanup on revert commit (follow up)
    641555d Revert "GUI: Change handling of menus and toolbars"
    2f56d59 utils: Allow negative values for parse duration
    a8693e7 PANDA: remove references to defunct 15T setup
    e06b98b all: fixups for (recent and not so recent) SE renamings
    087322e NECTAR: rearrange FOV (field of view) settings
    235f4d6 SANS-1: readd col3-test-coder device
    d1f3572 sequencer/sans: fix argument of _retryFailed
    788e47b Sequence: raise if last retry fails
    f7250ff KWS: make standin axes display "warn" status
    f474191 KWS: properly assign arraydesc on init
    3c47a53 Allow both numeric and symbolic groups
    f9957b2 SANS-1: change col-3 back to motor movement
    0de6d14 FRM2/ccmsans: Disable T4 and T5
    7a4ec7d Revert "SANS-1: change col_3 back to motor movement"
    ba70084 SANS-1: change monitor setup and watchdog
    e7bac9d nicos_mlz: Fix nicos_conf
    1e527ce Sans1: Add the correct faciltiy conf path
    06d9507 SANS-1: change col_3 back to motor movement
    349a29e SANS1: Code cleanup of TISANE related commands
    9df2766 SANS-1: add waterflow of chopper
    56ab2ef SANS-1: change pressure warn limits
    5041238 SANS-1: remove flipbox and tisane_relais box
    2460a22 SANS-1: add wut boxes and numbers to monitors
    1540be9 SANS-1: add wut boxes
    57b4a8e SANS-1: change from taco to tango for selector
    a5905fc TOFTOF: Change focussing neutron guide devices to TANGO
    b1b16db TOFTOF: fix formatting issue
    129e3ac MIRA: add ccm12v to monitor setup
    832eefc SANS-1: remove chopper_phase setup from include
    e24a852 galaxi: add live view and marche to guiconfig
    209765f SANS1: Change the access rights to the data
    721ed97 SANS1: Fix monitor setups
    d8ec8e8 SANS-1: add monitor 4
    4c00b04 SANS-1: write actual sel into bersans file
    e92b553 NECTAR: disable coder for the focus boxes
    1cf51ba RESEDA: Use symbolic name for cache operation
    2b7d88e JCNSImageChannel: update readresult in init
    4004037 nicos/devices/generic: add missing fmtstr 'overrides' for counting devices
    0ea893a STRESSI: Move from CARESS to TANGO devices
    b26f2f5 STRESSI: add the additional rotation axis setup
    9a3810c STRESSI: add translation device for primary optics
    20a14a8 STRESSI: Add primary collimator setup
    7c228c1 STRESSI: enable parallel referencing of sample slit
    53e35c7 Simplify end point adjustment in RangeList
    7f1fe3d REFSANS/daemon: Remove default admin account
    9f9cac1 VNECTAR: Sync with changed NECTAR setups
    7a2643f NECTAR: implement focus ring specific reference
    a200507 VIRTUAL: fix referencing
    cdf1c3e REFSANS: setup detector
    5a354eb REFSANS: rename chopper status monitor setup
    e53dcfd REFSANS: setup backguard
    d435750 STRESSI: switch to new hardware and entangle
    6100c68 all: simplify loadUi and ui file name handling
    c8a6c8c GUI/monitor: allow registering devices in form 'dev.memberdevice'
    b3db6b4 STRESSI: fix needs dependency in STRESSI test script
    3925046 NECTAR: add device to control cameras focus rotation ring
    2d7c023 NECTAR: remove doubled limits
    fa1f39b SPODI script test: "needs" requires full module path
    b82ac15 SPODI: fix cache for the basic tests
    954ddc0 (V)SPODI: Add monochromator slit
    d797236 (V)SPODI: allow parallel referencing of slits blades
    08b2765 (V)Nectar: make the poller happier and more responsive
    80515d9 NECTAR: Create a NECTAR specific rotation axis
    f78580c VNECTAR: enable virtual beam limiter referencing
    deeb2a1 NECTAR: allow parallel referencing of beam limiter blades
    c5da3b9 isort fixup
    e90222a KWS3: use parallel referencing of slits
    b33862b virtual: add some missing docstrings
    9abcd49 all: consistent __future__ imports in files
    6ca4689 all: also isort files
    d244d4a virtual: remove unneeded logging
    6102d74 Virtual: add referencing motor
    5f2c341 SPODI: Change to new hardware controlled by TANGO
    a7300b2 REFSANS/DoubleSlit: complete DoubleSlit implementation
    a0670dd doc: fix documentation of setof()
    7e320a3 PY3: fix udp packet sending
    977f9dd elements: remove unused method
    97a181b core/slit: allow parallel reference drive
    ed6bb17 VNECTAR: sync nbl blades abslimits with hardware limits
    3a30c15 axis: improve startup behaviour
    cac5539 Axis: Create method to start the positioning thread
    80e1e79 test_auth: fix style
    8dd3b96 PUMA: Put all devices into the 'devices' package
    64c6fae KWS1: switch to Entangle counter server
    79bf197 KWS3: switch to Entangle counter server
    612d45c KWS-3: use new entangle s7 devices
    b61b4b1 readme: fix syntax and add documentation link
    41084b1 KWS1: setup updates
    9d15a43 FRM2 ccm8v: minor description update
    79d8d48 POLI: add setup for attocube sample stick
    62a0096 KWS: fix mlz tango device names
    da88e9e DLS: update for multiple filter wheels
    889a0aa Create
    da7356d README: use markdown and add more github info
    9633911 ESS: Added missing state
    e69f762 NECTAR: Create BeamLimiter as special slit
    82ec194 Fix naming
    f0e3364 all: update repository URI
    deb4b3a Honor changed tag format in version number generation
    7f099b0 GUI/ExpSetup: Change the text to the proposal input
    d6c2212 Update jenkinsfile to new repo
    0212588 GUI: Don't use the 'Sample' device in SXTAL
    959fea7 GUI: Change sample setting code
    7bd0856 VNECTAR: create virtual NECTAR copy as playground
    2a13d2c NECTAR: Fix typo
    2cfb7a9 NECTAR: change names and email address of instrument scientist
    ee499be NECTAR: Add thermal collimator setup
    79a04aa SANS1: rearrange the specific commands
    1e2b4f7 SANS1: add resolution device infrastructure
    d44a24d GUI: Fix parent parameter in TableWidget
    6df8830 SANS1: add the sizes of the beam stops to the shape info
    8d0875a SPODI: Add the 'Ring straightening' for the live image
    dd9050d PUMA/GUI: add widget to display mulitanalyser setup
    996ba28 GUI support: Change to QGraphicsItems
    b2bd65b core: do not raise in manager.expandNameTemplates
    f4111db FRM2: Fix tango device names for central devices
    d9629b8 Add tango support for ls372
    4d2d1e9 VTREFF: change limits
    87af959 STRESSI: Change some user commands
    446eac7 BOA: initial diretory layout and setup
    eaf7fda INL: Tune the experiment for service/not service
    7934708 Experiment: Fix typo
    745a810 INL: Add aperture device
    80d9344 Commands: Add option to continue a aborted 'tomo' command
    0b6c637 INL/NRS: Add specific experiment
    e4cea1e NRS: Change the sample and focus table setups
    37bed80 Fix TearOffTabWidget's constructor
    c7890be DOC: better mark of optional command parameters
    aede558 Devices: socket error codes are moved to errno
    cba2737 DOC: cross references to data/mail receiver commands
    8d5da30 DOC: cross references to experiment related commands
    acf6314 DOC: create cross references to device creation commands
    c74b5e3 DOC: add cross references to setup related commands
    457c3de Commands: make _Restart to hidden user command
    6f0420f Client/Fix: socket module does not contain EINTR
    5fe736b MARIA: add hexpod testscripts
    4684eff MARIA: use new hexapod server with tcp/ip interface
    70b67cc VTOFTOF: add cryo setup to simulate temperatures
    fb56a5b VTOFTOF: add some filter for the device panel
    8b889f0 GUI: Fix type error in Py3
    0d67fdf TOF: Fix planning tool
    261fff1 MARIA: Add ds_right
    bcf9e12 SPHERES: sissinks print filepath on save()
    45cf847 SPHERES sis setup adjustment
    cfb34a9 SPHERES: (re)moved commands
    e9e70af SPHERES: rename sample to cct6
    39ff09e ESS: update forwarder command
    2936a67 STRESSI: Switch sample slit to TANGO devices
    852ccb1 STRESSI: Switch sample table to TANGO devices
    4b9f0d3 REFSANS: Fix typo
    c4c7a60 REFSANS: setup backguard
    1136b43 NECTAR: add setup for beam limiter and camera translation
    a8efe40 DOC: add cross references to sample related commands
    9237e70 REFSANS/gui: use Qt constant for transparent color
    24a4e5c VTREFF: configure devices with more realistic values
    8aef689 install doc: update Python 3 requirement to 3.6
    bee732a VTREFF: Add simulation of misalignment of mirror samples
    b773442 VTREFF: add a detector simulation based on McStas
    0ddbd39 TREFF: Add new sample
    99d1ba1 DEMO/TAS: add devices for the distances
    435640b poller: add a fallback for interval==maxage==None
    3fd44e0 REFSANS/GUI: add halo for the detector and tube
    6f0ee42 SINQ: CounterRotatingMotor for BOA
    5074b8a VTREFF: hide individual blades of slits and init their speed
    9d2ded1 DEMO/VTREFF: create virtual TREFF instrument
    1ad35f8 all: isort
    f11d50e tools: style fixup for fix-cache-entries
    6a14430 REFSANS/GUI: add display for the detector
    b2fc310 REFSANS/PIVOT: restrict the access level to ADMIN
    6ee5a74 REFSANS/GUI: Fix some issues
    7ed55af GUI: Make script browser initial visibility configurable
    ab54741 GUI: Change handling of menus and toolbars
    e083e2a ANTARES: fix typo in setup file
    ca8e588 REFSANS: Remove all unused 'nethost' definitions
    2b04534 REFSANS: add the resolution device to basic setups
    d5b0c30 [FRM-II]: provide setup for TREFF samplechanger
    db2b2a4 cache: avoid creating empty files for no-store keys
    abc7606 tools: add a tool to rename things in a flatfile database
    bfad8df POLI: remove outdated counter setup
    880496f POLI: add detector slit
    459739d REFSANS: Fix 'pos' parameter definition
    25ab07c ESS: Fix ns10 serializer
    380b3db Force update for custom reqs
    996ce1e Improve ci requirements resolution
    c16f966 REFSANS: use hostname alias for cache and daemon
    9f6c92b REFSANS: move legend to the top of time distance diagram
    627d57f REFSANS: remove center3 based vacuum measurement
    4165005 REFSANS: configure status monitors 1 to 4
    fde39de [FRM2] provide setup for ccm12v magnet
    25c6b20 REFSANS: Fix cache name
    8b6d4dd utils: fix lazy_property descriptor behavior
    a5f3e9a devices: remove SimpleComm related classes
    b07bc9a gui: fix 99f579a639ebadebdb8f83d59b2357785792fb1e
    47bba18 gui: explicitly check Qt versions
    60799c5 Fix year in copyright line.
    c027d59 SPHERES: sissinks: Throw away empty arrays
    f672fa2 REFSANS: Fix legend in time distance diagram
    3805988 REFSANS: add legend to time distance diagram
    5ff9b3f REFSANS: Change time distance diagram x scale
    e42e486 REFSANS: Fix chopper resolution calculation
    663b8c8 GUI: Disable tabs with whitespace title
    b64d77e ANTARES: update setups
    b6db9c0 monitor: fix fullscreen monitor geometry on raspi monitors
    109b6b5 TOFTOF/ResolutionPanel: Change axes descriptions
    4522ae9 TOFTOF/ResolutionPanel: Fix scaling of x axis (dynamic range)
    201041a SPHERES: Add VariableTimeScan
    e7af70b SPHERES: move utility functions to utils
    ab658e3 SPHERES: Doppler: targeting overhaul
    581b194 SPHERES: adjusted sps setup
    c9dd111 SPHERES: refactor sinks
    ca064d5 delab: remove CARESS acqiris binding
    de3c9c0 Dev/Axis: Precision is a non-negative value
    db1c7d3 cmdbuilder: move menus into the panel, like for scriptbuilder
    a35ab14 TOFTOF: Change default second color in mini plot
    b1c3663 GUI: Fix problem with tabs in tabs
    b113d5e [CI] Update to run on tag dockerhost
    78af602 Use centralized GR color and marker definititions
    e19e915 Move MARKERS and COLORS to guisupport/plots
    341e28c GUI: Fix searching for a loaded module
    611f0b2 Fix ccc61cf75d913d8c3f028376212a6b3a33f80003
    2bdc87c Jenkinsfile: remove unused GERRIT_EVENT parameter
    367b901 monitor: fix trying to remove tempfile if it doesnt exist
    fddcb96 GUI: Improve the panels handling code
    2b77999 GUI/LiveGR: change menu and toolbar handling
    b708588 galaxi: fix alias for lauda
    b9c2f7d galaxi: format special setups and guiconfig
    25c6c78 tango: prefer empty unit to literal "No unit"
    5b9bcf2 Fix coding marker
    ef31935 GUI/tabbed: Fix size of the empty string tab
    a79650f SPHERES: doppler adjustments
    be55cc0 SPHERES: Add experiment info to the GUI
    370241d SPHERES: Decouple doppler status from sis
    3f6a464 SPHERES: minor fixes
    a6fa6df SPHERES: sissink user file output adjustments
    d5b8df0 GUI/Devices: Don't show history option
    710c601 GUI: Fix wrong checks for panel existence
    60ef040 SeqDev: Change the stoppable flag to True as default
    c84aa8c GUI: add option to put tab bar on the left side for tabbed
    cb77051 Update FAK40 setup to tango
    0845421 JCNS: add tools link to SE logbooks
    f3fd4ef astrium: add device for wavelength spread calculation
    7a6b068 PUMA: Fix typo
    da0eed1 GUI Extent tooltips to print actions
    ad6a5c7 Really activate kafka tests on python3
    007ef4e Update kafka version and test kafka on python3
    8199a8f SINQ: A filesink for the template based  SINQ ASCII file format
    322735e FRM2: big rename of JCNS sample environment boxes
    092b35c Fix groovy error
    a012ca9 Use correct path for cobertura coverage data
    78f94a6 Fix shell syntax
    3264f61 Generate and archive cobertura coverage reports
    4714b6e fitting: handle inf covariance
    3113720 guisupport: fix OneofdictOrWidget
    505ff6b GUI/LivePanel: Fix typo in tool tip of keep ratio action
    67af258 Fix copyright year
    ee98046 ESS: implemented doSetPosition() for the EPICS motor
    b11e021 jcnsse: add jhg1 box setup
    8029227 jcnsse: create initial instrument configuration
    073403e gui: fixup settings dialog layout
    52aabe1 isort: fixup rest of the code
    45411dd Refactor check-setups into a lib and main script
    ac1f42a cacheinspector: remove unneeded pylint overrides
    bd6c902 Prepare to apply pylint before release
    033bc2d TESTS: add tests for the Eulerian cradle device
    5e2e25d PUMA: add cycle counter device
    957c331 HRPT: SINQ instrument HRPT
    b805f71 SINQ: additions for powder diffraction
    519e42f SINQ: add some commands
    dacae73 SINQ: a SINQ Nexus File Sink which writes NeXus files directly from NICOS using h5py
    c8a3bc7 Filter: Add a Lorentzian fitter
    30fb3c3 DLS: setup updates
    5aeb8fe qt: newer PyQt5 requires sip to be PyQt5.sip
    c9c6a83 jcns: document detector classes
    9e3132c core: remove misleading comment about the GIL
    3f7210a scan: return CountResult from count() in manualscan too
    53c1e39 SINQ: Fixed sinqhm configurator for HRPT
    4c0d35d nicos_mlz: isort some files
    34c7d14 Skip tests if flatbuffers is missing
    2e083ae commands: add abort() to stop script from within script
    1f16f72 test: fixup isorting; "test" is not a stdlib module
    c93b413 nicos_sinq test: fix import-or-skip order
    df8568c core: isort
    a9a4827 Split out histogram deserializer tests
    2ca975f VirtualMotor: do not nullify thread from within
    db49739 tools: make naming consistent
    b9e8be8 services: finally remove web component
    3cf6519 isort bin/ but then put it on the skip list
    cc3d4f9 sim session: ensure delay yields the gil
    8a74e87 test: make delay pause a finite time
    5e927aa PUMA: Fix refswitch definition for multidetector
    a2b7605 Core: Fixed issue with ns10 flatbuffer creation
    489a9c4 remove unused + unrelated tool script
    41181c0 PY3: fix fix_cache_entries helper script
    fc5e8db TEST: speed up SINQ demo test
    ad2b6e7 VANTARES: add missed setups
    6982233 Core: Corrected spelling mistakes
    af83525 ESS: Add filewriter support for new servers
    283aea4 ESS: Enable setting title in NeXus files
    01e7ced SANS1: Add detector size information to the detector
    238372f SANS1: Take the beamstop shape from the cache if possible
    3133be0 ESS: Make forwarder status check more flexible
    5fbd48b history: fix standalone app
    77cc290 ESS: Small changes relating to the Kafka cache
    55dd91c ESS: Added histogram source as a measurable
    e585983 Virtual: Fix typo
    16d8249 Virtual/Coder: Take unit from motor if not configured
    a8c2892 GUI: Fix adding of a tab
    69026a9 DEMO: add the virtual 'SANS1' machine
    6d36180 TOFTOF: Fix nexus writing error
    c94cef9 TOFTOF: Fix errors if preset value is 0
    8539554 TOFTOF: Fix error in TOF timer init
    a15eb6b VREFSANS: Fix slit position
    5b29af3 REFSANS: Remove 'nok_length' parameter from optic devices
    7d25747 TOFTOF: resolutionpanel: use a constant for BLUE
    7330afb devices: add a barcode reader connector
    482a7a9 SKELETON/watchdog: Remove comments and point to doc
    b8e37a7 REFSANS: Remove doubled entry from status monitor
    97372f0 REFSANS: Remove Axis devices from B3
    268c0e3 REFSANS: Fix limits of B3
    c9ff3e0 REFSANS: Fix access error during stop for pivot
    14462c6 DEMO/VNRS: Fix pathes
    4cc2210 utils: add stop to Repeater
    18f2a88 galaxi: move galaxi instrument to nicos_jcns
    6a98814 V20: Added filewriter support to V20
    22b2114 V20: Updated phase select setup
    511d316 V20: Added Iseg NHQ 203M HV Power Supply
    2a54391 cache: minor docstring fixup
    7d24c0c PROTO: Fix name resolving for the ZMQ transport layer
    64c2f76 Create a 'debugging' data sink
    63c74d8 QMESYDAQ: add a kind variable to the _stop method in CARESS version
    ed3cce3 Livepng: improve livepng sink
    2a41ca3 axis: Make debug logging more verbose
    d398d67 all: use new-style threading API
    eab30cd Reorder setups for better start-up performance
    db8b3b4 TOOLS/Setup: Inform the user about existing setups
    013ef8e test_scan: un-parametrize ugly test
    45c5270 REFSANS setup nok8 adjust of analogencoder
    9827b02 REFSANS: setup nok6 final parameter
    5847c71 REFSANS: adjust nok7 analog encoders
    f42da5d DOC: Password generation for list authenticator
    d228054 TOOLS: add tool to generate password hashes
    2f03355 V20: Added setups for new motors
    3fb3b84 V20: Updated slit1 setup
    39ccf33 V20: Goniometer limits updated
    040365e REFSANS: Respect the rotation of the sample for alphaf
    965cd47 REFSANS: add range parameter to alphaf device
    daebd12 REFSANS: Implement 'alphaf' device
    ed23488 Add missing future imports and sort
    2575d14 DOC: Reorder the topic in user specific doc
    5a41aea SKELETON: Remove a lot of doc from daemon config
    1b30acf RFC/DOC: Rearrange custom specific setups and devices
    9c8f76a DOC: complete generic detector classes
    11a9188 INSTRUMENTS: clean up daemon setup file
    1e0b84c REFSANS: change disc4 setup
    6a0059c REFSANS: add Dimetix laser system setup
    214d670 REFSANS: create Dimetix laser readout device
    b575863 REFSANS: Fix shutter setup
    3aa0450 REFSANS: setup sc2 adding comment
    56c113a VREFSANS: Enable detector device
    9b79ffd REFSANS: Fix reading of 'pos' parameter in ChopperDisc2 device
    4c6dcda REFSANS setup last_aperture: just rename
    bfacb04 REFSANS: reuse of sc2 in device optic
    b193681 REFSANS: make chopper parameter writing more robust
    68a2504 REFSANS: fix sample parameter writing into data file
    a0b9893 REFSANS: allow only admins to move pivot point
    496e12c Setup: fix initial conf creation on python3
    87523d3 CARESS: Added drivable and readable checks for device types 500, 501
    11b60dc REFSANS: Create instrument specific sample
    1bf38d0 DOC: add KOMPASS specific doc
    d98029d DOC: Add instrument specific doc of VPGAA
    8190cf4 DOC: Fix doubled indexed problem in ESSIIP classes
    398145b REFSANS: add missed GUI widgets to doc
    6e7e089 MIRA/RESEDA: Sync the setups for the R&S oscilloscope
    c6ba189 DOC: fix some warnings about indexing of modules
    3cb4d2f DOC: remove not existing custom classes
    cbcefda DOC: Improve doc to list.Authenticator
    a062de2 MIRA: Add missing usermethod 'close' doc
    cd7325e DOC: Fix changed device classes
    3c201ce [DOC] Add timezone to last updated timestamp
    4f17094 DOC: Fix changed references to sysconfig section
    088008a DOC: Fix removed or changed classes or class names
    9dc1367 SINQ: Skip detector test if flatbuffers not installed
    5cb4514 doc: small (markup + content) fix for setup doc
    ceef70e REFSANS: Fix TANGO devices names
    b43d9e8 DOC: Improve the setup description
    583de34 REFSANS: Reduce logging output of NOK devices
    70451f9 REFSANS: clean up setup files
    93254a3 REFSANS: Modify slit alias configuration
    f153a90 REFSANS: clean up alias setting of slits
    3bbb4f0 REFSANS: Fix access to key value in status monitor
    bcb6bfa REFSANS: Add beamstop devices
    5793d85 collector: add mapping forwarder
    7c9967d EPICS: area detector
    7a3e8c8 REFSANS: setup vsd
    e91e972 REFSANS: device vsd bugfix
    e540ef6 REFSANS: remove nokbus2 (ipcsms_b)
    f67b643 [SE/cci3he]: add channels C, D
    9734ff7 PUMA: complete doc of 'multiadscan' command
    9dad3fc PUMA: clean up the multiadscan code
    b00767a utils: fix findResource for modules with __file__=None
    50ecfff PUMA: add a time scan for the multi analyzer setup
    e742647 Package: Fix name in
    168d909 RESEDA: activate watchdog service
    2b710b1 RESEDA: fix mail adresses in notifiers
    8aa8569 [SE] add ListAuth to daemon setup
    c979e54 rework htf20 setup
    d9667f9 REFSANS: Fix not initializing chopper disc2 device
    3a20c0b VPUMA: use single counters for the multianalysis
    04dabbe doc: fixes for Sphinx 2 and Python 3
    4f05574 VPUMA: add multi analysis setup
    6c4d796 ESS: Timing bug in KafkaStatusHandler
    ac8bea8 GUI: use the https protocol to connect to home page
    de73d06 PUMA: Fix detector setup for multi analysis
    469e718 DEMO: Clean up demo instrument
    bc96a1c Move RESEDA/MIRA tunewavetable stuff into MLZ gui stuff
    83bca1a REFSANS: Remove target from test cache
    93645ca Test parameter initialization for devices in simulation mode.
    446d701 TOFTOF: Fix runtime errors during temp. NeXuS file writing
    6e8e1b9 core: new validator `oneofdict_or` for named values
    2670844 Enable the parameter read method during device init
    8feb9a1 DNS: add some more info to DNS data format
    afbc7cd gui script display: avoid excessive height of script lines
    656b0dc cache client: get_values() needs to hold the DB lock
    a8b846d Fix spodi filesink test
    b2ed7bd PUMA: Fix multi detector writing files
    fe1d20c PUMA: add format string to the detvalueinfo
    e5e37c0 yamlbase: allow overriding objects/units assignment
    c0094fd KWS: fix virtual image dimensions
    288f4e8 Ensure nonemptystring works without default
    17134b8 Improve spodi det test
    321777e MIRA: current state
    61b72e6 MIRA: activate HTML status monitor
    485827c REFSANS: Add julabo A40 device setup
    2d0b147 REFSANS: Add AnalogEncoder devices class
    b60344e Improve pylintrc
    27787fb REFSANS: initialize ManualMove's
    b210f06 REFSANS: Rename monitor setup
    7073a97 TOFTOF: add missing instrument specific requirement
    ed4bc2f PUMA: Rework the multidetector code
    512b824 REFSANS: add resolution and speed parameters to chopper
    3bd3cfa SPODI: Add a virtual detector
    d5a2767 TOFTOF: Remove interception for simulation in detector
    72cf090 PGAA: Remove unused interception check in detector
    2e5f8b7 core: rename _sim_active and have all devices have it
    9a1238f update pytest requirement
    8aebef3 SPHERES: sis: Add background chopper statistics
    cf94896 SPHERES: commands: convert intervals
    026ddeb SPHERES: Adjust SE
    6a72b6d SPHERES: round measurement times up
    ba8b94c SPHERES: Add parameters to the SIS ImageChannel
    9528c50 SPHERES: sissink fix
    7a43708 SPHERES: Temperature controller adjustments
    ecef51b SPHERES: added subdir to AsciiSink
    2aefb40 SPHERES: Make tubeoffset and pressuretolerance adjustable
    abe03ca SPHERES: Adjustments of the sis measurement
    0430346 SPHERES: Doppler modifications
    d5cefc6 SPHERES: doppler: disallow speedchange in pause
    a32d981 SPHERES: sis: fix incremental save
    33dee65 VSPODI: Sync HV settings with real instrument settings
    e8c0ed2 ESS: Add PACE5000 Controller
    253c738 VSPODI: Sync poller setup with real instrument setup
    3fb71d1 SPODI: Add 'prepare' call for attached detector
    2d3a417 all: make userparam=False params internal where applicable
    1786785 POLI: switch power supplies to Tango
    170a33a DEMO/VSPODI: add missing LogSpace device
    7f6b21c KWS2: switch to new FPGA counter impl
    cda1571 JCNS: add class for using FPGA counter with the Entangle server
    ba30a2d Use case-insenstive grep for centos check
    edab4d2 For centos build we use pytango9 consistently
    f789b4b TOFTOF: Parameterize test calculation routines
    76319fd REFSANS: use parameterized test routines
    384fb59 Parameters: new kwarg internal
    d0e6deb REFSANS: Reimplement DoubleSlitSequence class
    e5e8b62 REFSANS: Remove all 'mode' parameter devices
    e5bbf4d REFSANS: use 'warning' instead of deprecated 'warn'
    f959605 GUI/Devices: Fix not displaying devices
    e9ccb2f TEST: Add simulation tests of REFSANS instrument
    f76065c VREFSANS: Display chopper2 translation device
    861dbb3 REFSANS: Fix typo
    1e7d0b6 REFSANS: No hardware access for slit devices
    94a929c REFSANS: complete data file sink test
    d6f6123 REFSANS: Fix default value of pos parameter in ChopperDisc2
    77841e4 VREFSANS: Remove unused setup file
    ba678f4 VREFSANS: Sync setups with REFSANS
    fa94d3e PUMA: clean up math imports in polarisation panels
    d4fabd8 sxtal test: reduce huge number of parametrized tests
    1d71478 REFSANS: Add slit.height and devices
    4081dc3 [WIP] ESS: Added commands for reading and writing PVs
    4ac70c1 REFSANS/Chopper/real: clean up log ouput
    6167d11 REFSANS: add doIsCompleted/Finish to the real ChopperDisc
    fff70dc TOFTOF: skip tests without nxs module installed
    49d965e Allow autodevices as alias devices
    90a8ad2 REFSANS: Improve robustness of monitor widgets
    d3a345a REFSANS: Fix settings of time distance diagram in status monitor
    6609f17 VREFSANS: Fix device type of pivot point element
    9f5aced REFSANS: Fix setups
    a8f7a1e REFSANS/GUI: configure displayed device parameters in device list
    0331c80 REFSANS: Rename device chopper1 to chopper_speed
    bcdac90 REFSANS: Fix read method of chopper2 disc translation
    9f34a4c REFSANS: Fix typo in base chopper device
    4904146 REFSANS: chopper setup
    f0ac9b1 REFSANS: fix diamond in inheritance of chopper devices
    ab1ebbe SINQ: Scripts for running NICOS at SINQ
    793d8cc TOFTOF: take the 'Python' value from metainfo
    b3f8d47 Fix year(s) in copyright line(s)
    0ce613d REFSANS: add reference method to the Chopper master device
    96f1184 REFSANS: Fix status and read method of disc translation
    c028027 REFSANS: add shutter device
    a9ee73b REFSANS: modify waiters list in chopper master class
    24c8b7f REFSANS: Fix moving of the chopper device
    b2c23d0 REFSANS: restrict access to ADMIN for some chopper methods
    1aa20fa REFSANS: real chopper needs time to take over commands
    690ef14 REFSANS: Fix waiters for the chopper disc translation device
    59545da REFSANS: add 'chopper_config' command
    c0f1ad4 GUI/Devices: Format the in list shown parameters
    e8dc462 Device: validate cfgvalue right away
    caf82b4 Python3: change from iteritems to items
    a5e67b1 REFSANS: Improve phase setting of chopper master device
    f3e0852 REFSANS: Fix hardware related chopper implementation
    54830e2 REFSANS: Reworking of safety system
    2a8fec3 REFSANS: setup/detector: remove old device
    adb8904 REFSANS: Clean up (real) ChopperDisc start code
    d8e7502 PUMA: Extends the limits for the multidetector move
    1facd97 PUMA: Update abs limits of the multidetector devices
    d699bf6 PUMA: Update park positions of the multidetector.
    676b625 REFSANS: allow writable access to the 'mode' devices
    4ac7b10 TOFTOF: add planning tool for the resolution
    0b63c33 TOFTOF: Add a NeXuS data sink
    be21522 REFSANS: change from TACO to TANGO
    4721ea7 REFSANS: use global config
    36a2564 REFSANS: Fix detector setup
    dd809fd REFSANS setup/special
    c0bcafa REFSANS: setups cleaning
    daee185 REFSANS: change group to lowlevel
    4c10f00 REFSANS: change setupname det_pos to detector
    9ffb840 REFSANS: adding chopper delay info to monitor
    5e2fd21 REFSANS add 'hide_temp' flag to showcase configdata
    0c6f060 REFSANS: adopt datasink to new chopper impl.
    a2a23bb REFSANS: Add some 'display' devices for status monitor
    997855a REFSANS: Chopper device rework
    fab68e7 REFSANS: Change from TACO to TANGO for Copley hardware
    6337d2c REFSANS: cleaning setups
    6d2d802 REFSANS: introduce a global instrument config
    7ad735b REFSANS: Safety control devices (via Pilz)
    274ff40 REFSANS: Switch pump station from TACO to TANGO
    085a577 REFSANS: easy way to disable encoder for developing
    68a1441 REFSANS: improve and complete doc of calc functions
    22101a2 REFSANS: change setupname det_pos to detector
    1093242 REFSANS: apply chopper_resolution function
    9090bcc REFSANS: extract to resolution calculation
    31e37e6 REFSANS: SDS safedetectorsystem
    0c2f930 REFSANS: New status monitor for the optic
    116007c REFSANS: optic_elements
    71aba93 REFSANS: monitor_mh
    00c18db REFSANS: add TimeDistance monitor widget
    412ca29 REFSANS: add resolution analysis panel
    6d6f17b REFSANS: add module to draw the time distance diagram
    b1928b1 REFSANS: add module for chopper calculations
    fa8315f VREFSANS: add detector setup
    0679795 Revert "Restrict to pytest <4"
    3892c39 Restrict to pytest <4
    9b29b21 VREFSANS: display the chopper phases in devices list
    481d8e5 VREFSANS: Fix initial value for chopper 2 translation
    20c74c3 REFSANS: change of offsets in choppperphasetiming
    a131368 VREFSANS: sync setup with REFSANS setup
    973039f REFSANS: gonio_top_z change abslimit
    91be543 DOC: Fix year in copyright message
    64e898e REFSANS: make the chopper2 device to controller
    2530f75 VREFSANS: add a virtual chopper device
    bf1c3ef DEMO: Reactivate SANS panel
    6a07e4c DOC: Add 'collector' doc
    3b85681 gui: fix default value for QByteArray setting values in py3
    0667140 init script: use open() instead of file()
    54bea03 VREFSANS: Use device parameter to display 'mode' value
    1411a7c VREFSANS: create alias config for 'last_slit' alias
    b5b17a1 VREFSANS: add nok and element setups
    ac7e9fc REFSANS: Fix polling of the 'current' parameter
    4ad406b SANS1: Remove unused devices
    0dbdf9c history: allow listing the available devices in standalone history client
    7f53da4 standalone history window: offer a dialog to choose cache and prefix
    e3dcc2a history: use parseDuration from nicos.utils
    60cf9f5 history window: unify code between panel and standalone version much more
    5a90810 MLZ/ccmsans: Add missing module author
    0b6806b WIP/SANS1: add access to some readable channels of the PILZ control box
    f7b2729 qt monitor: do not display title label if title is empty
    3512363 REFSANS: integrate LDAP authentication
    ca531d5 REFSANS: fix file mode
    fd2e3ad REFSANS: method to adjust backguard with two motors
    e0087f5 REFSANS: Add alias for the primary aperture
    ad23f33 REFSANS: selecting primary aperture at runtime
    ee644e7 REFSANS: adding _mode in nok2
    ee1394a REFSANS: Fix automatic update of time-distance-diagram
    2956c49 qt monitor: make a bit of room above/below curves in y
    36f1856 qt monitor: support scale/offset in plots
    6fc4734 all: make sure "history panel" type panel splitters are well behaved
    dfaf85d qt monitor: allow scaling (important) values up
    4334f31 gui: assign parent logger earlier
    b0cf0e7 REFSANS: modify primary monitor setup
    31d3277 REFSANS: add vacuum sensor devices of chambers
    2f82253 REFSANS: Add focus point device
    d478aa7 REFSANS: CPTReadout rework
    1168eeb REFSANS: Remove doubled setups
    37fa8a1 REFSANS: remove unused setups
    f129966 guisupport: add utility to scale fonts
    966f97e KWS1: fix DLS sink metadata extraction
    518d8e6 PGAA: clean system setup
    a901d35 DOC/TOFTOF: add missing classes
    212531b html monitor: atomically write new file
    ebcc94c Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release-3.5' into master
    47e744d WIP/PGAA: add PGAI panel
    eb34ef9 nicos_jcns: add new facility package
    32b5076 core: add a way to query parent datasets from the manager
    2abf077 KWS1/2: move common classes to KWS1
    56935f9 DataSet: Add finish_property
    4065ae3 test: textclient: idle text may vary
    2c18bcc core/experiment: allow forcing single-point scan datasets
    7f7eb40 core: fix dry run timing with multiple detectors
    ea8ffea DNS: speed up field switching
    6b7809d all: use ConfigParser on Py3, SafeConfigParser on Py2
    9862f8a RESEDA: remove unused modules
    74f0287 all: use inspect.Signature objects on Python 3
    8604ad6 tango: move Motor with offset to core
    8bbdd75 SPHERES: doppler adjustments
    4e5c2a8 SPHERES: add command to change the temperature stick
    0b0ea1d SPHERES: SIS data reshaping in detector
    455b855 SPHERES: Add units to sps devices
    41782fd SPHERES: added explicit Stop for pressure regulation
    8c09371 SPHERES: Adjust commands
    7b92064 SPHERES: Make doppler and detector simulation compatible
    1c4602f SPHERES: Use the timer of the sis detector
    3523508 SPHERES: fix for the sis sinks
    a4202af SPHERES: flux.ui fix
    255dcb5 SPHERES: add Sequencer Mixin to the doppler
    920283c SPHERES: Added temperature controller commands
    23e1406 SPHERES: Added acquirecommands
    76b9636 KWS1: DLS should wait on wheel when closing
    b01401d pycompat: fix memory_buffer definition
    2240cf5 AUTHORS: update Petr's mail address
    6fb2892 Allow Unicode in HTML status monitor
    24ef84e nicos_mlz: internal host names are now also
    aed8407 TESTS: add IEEEDevice tests
    c67dd69 paramdev: if copy_status is false, dont use parent as a waiter
    e12e9db cli client: allow display of subsecond timestamps
    4e12555 core: add some debug output to multiWait
    8af20c2 core: ensure consistent handling of setup names
    6f7e030 gitignore: ignore .pytest_cache in addition to .cache
    0a37135 INSTALL: bump Python 3 requirement to 3.5
    53c3d39 POLI: setup updates
    20e86c2 MLZ: add GUI panel to control extended properties of PLC devices
    e0e6fac J-NSE: add readables for Kompass angles
    7e8302c [WIP] KWS: better timing on gedet
    825ebaf POLI: update shutter to new Tango servers
    1bf5c8b DNS: setup updates
    a0e8e85 FRM2: jvm2 updates from POLI
    01e8c33 KWS3: setup updates
    0fb95c2 core: move detector prepare() call into acquire(), after setPreset
    1505632 Move thread destruction into prepare
    b71a560 KWS1: setup updates
    f5a3927 KWS2: setup updates
    459d46e SANS1: Fix typo in BeamStopAxis
    d96de9e TEST: Include the SPODI related live data sink
    c10a19b TEST: Test the TOFTOF live sink as well
    2615a38 Add pickling function to readonlylist
    e542276 detector: emit live data at the start of the count
    142942d cache database: remove deprecated universal newline mode
    7209232 client: fix connection status after failed login
    69c39c1 Merge branch 'release-3.5'
    f5471f8 MLZ: replace unused class GarfieldMagnet by new GarfieldMagnet2
    db4855a core, monitor: replace subprocess.MAXFD use
    011d99b tests: use yaml.safe_load
    8e342f0 TREFF: remove unused "button" class
    cf7e4b2 livewidget: fix tick callback string handling for Py3
    61438a5 PY3: reversed cannot operate on zip()
    56c0452 SPODI: simplify detector preset setting
    6b4774a Add timeout to live scan test
    28983b1 Add test for client.getDeviceList
    ade6964 PANDA: Add monotypes to override validator.
    fe493ea [Core] Fix remaining indirect imports
    6b5a4cf GUI: remove overriding of inherited function by local var
    71e8209 MLZ: update JCNS notifier addresses
    31e7418 Commands: make the golden ratio tomo globally available
    ef78601 ANTARES: Add four camera setup
    cbb12d4 core/scan: log errors during readout of scan devices
    8a138d6 TEST: Set speed for PUMA multianalyzer devices to 0.
    bd01bcd STRESSI: add dilatometer setup
    81f8489 NECTAR: improve alignsample command
    330b8a4 Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release-3.5'"
    5bca636 PUMA: Fix titles and descriptions of PA plots
    0e0960e PUMA: Fix optimize routine of the PA panel
    f64f611 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release-3.5'
    bab56cb monitor: close fds before restarting
    50deeee SANS-1: add more detailed description to commands
    b47a607 PGAA: Fix live data generation
    fb2115e DOC: Fix typo
    fc3d9de DOC: Fix the doc about the setup dependencies
    bb4ccc9 Add __pycache__ to gitignore
    24326a7 Fix SIMULATION import
    6d76b7b axis: always wait for movement, and reset error state, on start()
    7e91f7d gui devices: show "reset" and "dis/enable" action for non-moveables too
    51f7eff gui: make SqueezedLabel available as NicosWidget and use it for device panel
    13feb98 commands: warn about cont-scanning with an axis that has a backlash
    9e03aa4 KWS: generate the automatic protocol always with timestamps
    1ed49bf gui: limit number of displayed errors to 20
    003c68b [ELOG] Declare charset
    e09274f daemon: emit "script started" elog event before outputting script text
    0ca1ee2 Use safeWriteFile for KWS configfile handler
    e7f00da Add a safeWriteFile function
    9120ef7 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release-3.5'
    3b7b0c1 MARIA: use one logbook per experiment, not per sample
    a1df26f cmdlets: allow decimal seconds to be used as count time
    73f0892 Fix plot index guessing for multistep scans
    1dd3869 DEMO: Cleanup setup files
    8179bd6 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release-3.5' into master
    1520815 Dialogs: remove 'autoCompletion' setting Find/Search dialog
    ab801a6 PANDA: fix up error message for guidefield
    9691676 Update copyright info (year)
    74228fb SPHERES: fix guiconfig
    c38e004 FRM2: Add HVS1 box setup
    6f2a77e frm2: add new pressure sensor to jvm2
    0d3d30d core: style fixups
    dc5944e jvm2: local changes at panda
    bdfb828 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release-3.5'
    862bdf7 daemon: Server has no logger directly
    5350bd6 daemon: fix typo
    e88b089 GUI/Editor: Fix marking of changed text by '*'
    302c017 FRM2: make battery_furnace setup plugplay
    8b803f7 cache database: make hardlinking optional
    b98b069 Tests: Re-enable PUMA multianalyzer tests
    fad2860 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release-3.5'
    5d5d648 PGAA: Work around point - scan dataset complains
    9fe998c PGAA: Add live display for the PGAA/PGAI mode
    445485a Tests: Fix problems with PUMA multianalyzer tests
    778dc9f POLI: add special code for nuclear physics setup
    a47549e Increase timeout in textclient test
    bbb0c31 VANTARES: Sync device names with ANTARES
    3b87146 ESS: make motor status text more consistent
    b0ff18b Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release-3.5'
    2f7afa8 client: unpickle Python 2 strings as latin1
    c492ea4 client: be more careful with string formatting in error handler
    eb03cb6 KWS: more lenient upper precision for HV
    8c6eb28 gui: show line numbers in currently executed script
    447923e SXTAL: don't read(0) wavelength for every hkl
    2b2af51 SXTAL: fix passing bravais/laue from sample panel
    f14b168 core: do not send ACTION messages to simulation clients
    47401e5 Setups: remove empty 'includes', 'excludes', and 'modules'
    acf4b43 gui/typedvalue: fix for conflicting APIs
    41dd3b1 VANTARES: Add a 4 camera in parallel working setup
    aaeeaee RESEDA: change path for user database credential file
    721c660 all: remove unused imports and fix typos
    cc00b86 Merge "Merge branch 'release-3.5'"
    6fbd9d6 PGAA: improve py3 compatibility
    96715cd core: consistent __repr__ for the monitor config objects
    fcb7eb4 Merge branch 'release-3.5'
    a8046cc KWS: new logic for shutting down GE detector HV
    038ccb0 CMDS/tomo: Fix runtime error if more then one moveable
    2d6098c Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release-3.5'
    b4a86f5 KWS1: add devices/setup for in-situ DLS setup
    cff903a Suppress E1111
    a89aacc tango: wait for devices to exit INIT state after reset
    50bdcd0 gui: slightly rework device panel filters
    69f787d core: better message for wrong setup names
    27e592b PUMA: disable intermittently failing tests
    09736f4 Jenkinsfile: Remove some debug code
    9fa3a99 VANTARES: add image file sinks
    d41745d SANS-1: add precision to bg1_m and bg2_m
    1fb694c SANS-1: add action to chopper parking erros
    600e434 Lower pytango  version  req.
    7b712bd V20: Added GP2 camera
    0339a3b V20: Update TsDau setup
    c4bdbc5 V20: Update slit2 setup to reflect changes at beamline
    5fd77b9 gui/picturedisplay: decide picture re-load on change mtime
    f0580dd Jenkins: disable pylint on py3
    20a7dac scan: fix error message
    cbebe73 KWS1: use monitor3 value from detector ROI
    7d3511e Add pylint on branch 3.5 as explict dep
    b3e1bbb Fix pylint version for python2
    160c6d8 Run python 3 tests/lints with tango9
    d7f6b64 Fix typo in pylint req.
    96a7b14 Expliclitly require pylint for dev
    1a0b871 KWS1: setup updates
    aca4e9c KWS1: return live array from detector to get roi updates
    accdbda KWS2: setup updates
    debcc74 client: on disconnect, "quit" command may fail if connection is already broken
    d661165 Jenkins: Enable warnings-ng jenkins plugin
    6878920 Add py3-enabled pylint script to 3.5 branch
    1f2e73f ESS: Remove obsolete device
    ab45b24 Merge branch 'origin/release-3.5' into master
    4894524 FIX: limit setting in simulation
    1e2c38b stressihtf2: remove obsolete setup file
    92a3234 stressihtf2: remove obsolete setup file
    b0d16fc ANTARES: Move servostar to TANGO
    e218de4 ANTARES: Move servostar to TANGO
    db785a8 SANS-1: change phase position for chopper
    24a89ae SANS1: improve beamstop changer
    1fc7cd5 COMMANDS: make resetlimits a little more verbose
    5765364 SANS1: improve beamstop changer
    96a1d38 COMMANDS: make resetlimits a little more verbose
    b7dc27c SANS-1: change phase position for chopper
    6441f3d SANS-1: add more detailed description to commands
    4125cf7 FRM2/AMAGNET: reflect latest hw changes
    2c225e1 mlz: code style fixups in amagnet
    e479c14 FRM2/AMAGNET: reflect latest hw changes
    6fea42a KWS2: add setup for new small chopper
    4cf8da3 DNS: adapt for new polarizer translation stage
    4f6b47a KWS2: fixup LockedMotor for new DISABLED state
    44bc744 Jenkins: improve trigger config
    6bf5404 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release-3.5'
    fc2f3b7 PY3: rename TimeoutError
    efd4bae DMC: Created a configuration of NICOS for DMC
    1217302 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release-3.5'
    34b6521 GUI: Set the default font 'Monospace'
  • v2.0.0
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    24964881 · merge release-2.0 branch ·
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