E3-795: Improve documentation and packaging

Anders Lindh Olsson requested to merge anderslindh1/conda-bot:master into master

This MR addresses two different areas.

For one, it "deprecates" the enforced direct invocation of setup.py, and only maintains the file for "backwards support" and for support of installs in editable mode. This is the recommended packaging solution for python when using setuptools.

With this change, some associated metadata has been modified; e.g. as the original author has left ESS their e-mail address is no longer valid. The version of the package is also bumped to 0.8.1 in order to create a new release. All imports have also been separated to clarify standard library includes, third party package includes, and internal includes, and it changes all source imports to be absolute instead of relative.

It also expands documentation, and introduces a hook for use of pydocstyle to gitlab CI checks.

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