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ICSHWI-12085: Update ResetZero

Markus Kristensson requested to merge markus/icshwi12085 into master

Modifies ResetZero to work properly with the Gamma Beam Shutter being mounted. Moving fast between switches is now prohibited. But if the GBS is resting on the mechanical levers when the homing process starts, faster movement is allowed if the homing process starts with very low torque (indication of GBS unmounted), if the torque is increased above a setpoint and if the closed switch is indicating during the time of the docking.

Changes names of two of the abort variables of ResetZero.

Adds MC_SetPosition to set the position of where the docking with the GBS occurred in ResetZero.

Removes redundant states from E_ResetZero.

Updates SpeedRegions to permit faster movement in E_ResetZero.OpenAbsolute + WaitForOpenAbsolute even if axis is not homed.

Sneaks in a bug fix to the jog function, which caused the movement to continue in the first direction if a change from e.g. JogDown to JogUp was selected too fast.

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