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MEBT EMU: Clean up Main OPI and Motion OPI

In main OPI:

  • Add a side menu section for Common Systems
  • Add a section for MEBT EMU Horizontal
  • Add a section for MEBT EMU Vertical

In motion OPI:

  • Add descriptive labels to each one of the 4 axes (Vertical Slit, Vertical Grid, Horizontal Slit, Horizontal Grid)
  • Make motion widget more compact to accommodate the labels in the OPI.

No functionality was changed. Only the visual part was restructured.

Below are prints of before and after.

  • Main OPI before: MEBT EMU main before.png
  • Main OPI after: MEBT EMU main after.png
  • Motion OPI before: MEBT EMU motion  before.png
  • Motion OPI after: MEBT EMU motion after.png
Edited by Lais Pessine Do Carmo

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